Algiz Rune {Meaning and Divination Reading}

If you are starting out with Elder Futhark divination readings, you’re probably still getting to grips with their meanings. So if you’ve drawn the Algiz rune, you’re curious about what it means.

The Algiz rune is associated with protection and defense. It is the fifteenth symbol of the Elder Futhark alphabet. The Algiz sign is ruled under Hagal’s aett. The Algiz symbol also relates to risk and awareness.

That’s a brief idea of the Algiz symbol, but if you want to know more, keep reading. This guide will tell you everything you want to know about this rune symbol.

You’ll also learn how to use it with divination and energy work.

Let’s get started.

algiz rune

What is the Algiz Rune?

Algiz is the fifteenth symbol of the Elder Futhark Runes. You pronounce it as ahl-giz.

The whole elder futhark alphabet is split into three lots of eight. A Norse deity rules over each set as an aettir (family).

Algiz is the seventh symbol of the second (Hagal’s) Aett. This set of runes is ruled by Heimdall, the Norse god of perception and foresight.

Hagal’s aett represents runes that encourage action with self. They bring about introspection and endurance. These runes help to navigate the hardships of being human and encourage us with the will to push forward.

The Algiz Rune represents learning skills to protect yourself against the dangers of life. You can’t permanently hide behind your fears or expect others to do the work for you.

In addition to Algiz, the other symbols in this Aettir include the:

What is the Meaning of the Algiz Rune?

In a general rune reading, Algiz symbolizes the protection and defense that self-awareness can provide you. It also relates to nurturing and repairing of self to make you stronger.

The translation of Algiz as ‘elk’ or ‘sedges.’

These descriptions relate to the visible defenses of the elk antlers or the prickling nettles (referred to in the Algiz poem below). This keeps attackers at bay, or at least makes them think twice beforehand. This is the power that Algiz brings you.

The Algiz rune connects strongly with the Valkyrie. These were a group of supernatural females that served Odin by protecting and giving power to warriors during battle.

Algiz is about facing challenges head-on. Even if that means having to sacrifice parts of yourself to achieve your end goal.

When you have such a strong sense of self, it is hard for others to manipulate or take advantage of you. It creates a sacred barrier between you and that which threatens to harm you. Algiz channels divine guidance to help you achieve this.

The Algiz rune is hugely grounding and nurturing. It’s a sense of stability and security.

Although Algiz is a protective rune, don’t be tempted to act recklessly. Use your common sense and move with clarity and focus, and the outcome will be positive.

Algiz Keywords:

  • Protection
  • Defense
  • Risk
  • Safety
  • Awareness

How to read the Algiz Rune

Algiz Upright
Algiz Upright

Rune divination starts with you having a question or intention in mind. Drawing the Algiz rune can bring answers to that which you seek guidance.

We’ve already discussed the general meaning of the Algiz rune. Yet, you may find this doesn’t really relate to your intention or question.

Algiz is not a chief rune for some intentions. On its own, it doesn’t always give the depth of answer you need.

When you’ve drawn an Algiz rune, it’s always better you get context from the neighboring runes. Often the order you read them will give you more details about the message of the Algiz.

On that note, the meanings in this guide are not set in stone. As a beginner, they may help you decipher the message’s meaning in your rune reading.

Use your own judgment and intuition to guide you through.

Can Algiz be reversed?

algiz reversed

Algiz is a rune that can be reversed. That means a mirrored, inverted, or reversed position carries a shadow meaning (merkstave).

Reading a reversed rune is subjective. Some only consider it a merkstave rune if it falls at a position 180° flipped from upright (e.g the first rune above). Any other position is considered upright.

Another option is if a rune falls at an obscure angle, it is rotated in a clockwise direction until it reaches an upright or reversed position. This is shown in the other three examples above.

When Algiz is reversed, it warns you against acting without regarding the consequences. You leave yourself vulnerable to devious people and unfamiliar situations.

You need to gain awareness of what’s going on as danger is ahead.

A reverse Algiz is also related to blockages that prevent you from building your own personal power. These stop you from accessing your intuition to gain clarity on the situation.

You may choose not to consider a reversed Algiz as a meaning. But, you could be missing an important message from the Divine.

Algiz For Love


An Algiz rune in a love intention can indicate a secure relationship. That may be a current or potential partner who makes you feel safe and nurtured.

Your relationship has healthy boundaries in place which are respected by both sides. You are also supported emotionally by your partner through hard times.


Drawing a reversed Algiz for a love intention can signal insecurities in your relationship from either side. One of you is showing a significant mistrust of the other. This leads to behavior such as snooping in their belongings or emotional manipulation.

A reversed Algiz can indicate co-dependency with your partner. Although this gives you a sense of security, it’s not healthy for either of you.

Algiz for Family and Friends


When Algiz is drawn for matters of family and friends, it often indicates that you have a strong support network to rely on in hard times. You feel you can rely on these people to guide you in difficult situations.

You may also feel highly protective of your family at the moment. This may mean ensuring their physical, financial, or emotional safety.


A reversed Algiz can signal that boundaries have been crossed with family or friends. Someone may say something that is out of line or is trying to give unsolicited advice.

A family member or friend may also intrude on your time or privacy. Each time you let this behavior slide, you are reinforcing that they can treat you this way. Now is the time to put your foot down.

Algiz for Health and wellbeing


Algiz drawn for health indicates a healthy immune system defending you from illness. If you’ve recently be unwell or injured, this is a sign that your healing and recovery is going well.

Algiz can also encourage you to seek advice about any concerning symptoms. A trained professional’s assessment will help stop any significant health issues from worsening.

Keep up with immunity-boosting behaviors that will offer you future health protection.


Drawing a reversed Algiz signals that your immune system is already under attack from disease or illness. This will drain your energy and leave you feeling vulnerable.

Reversed Algiz can also indicate that treatment or advice you’ve been given for a health condition is inadequate. You may need to seek a second opinion or consider a change of medications.

Algiz For Money and finances


In money matters, drawing the Algiz rune means you make smart choices to protect any money you accrued. These may be safe investments, savings, or even pension or insurance. You are securing yourself against all eventualities when it comes to money.

Algiz can also indicate the offer of a joint venture with others that involves some financial risk. If your intuition feels right, then go for it. It will likely pay off handsomely for you.


A reversed Algiz can indicate that your current spending habits are not offering you any sense of future security. Overspending or failing to invest your earnings well will see you unable to maintain your current lifestyle.

Reversed Algiz can also relate to issues such as fraud or theft. You may be the victim of these crimes. However, if you are earning money through deceptive means, you will be found out.

Algiz for Career


When Algiz is drawn in career intention, it signals you are about to be presented with a situation in which you need to defend your role.

Embrace your inner confidence and push through this without fear. Use adaptability, resourcefulness, and flexibility to strengthen your position.

You may also be presented with a morally questionable situation. Stand up for what you believe in, even if it means you’ll have a fight on your hands.


A reversed Algiz can indicate that you are letting others dominate in the workplace. This may be due to exhaustion or loss of drive.

Reversed Algiz also relates to underhanded tactics and deceit in the workplace. This may be others doing this to you, or you’re doing this to others. Either way, it’s creating a toxic work environment and instability within the team.

Algiz for Personal development


Algiz is an excellent rune to pull for personal development intentions. It encourages an exploration of self and recognizing what skills you need to increase your own personal power.

This usually relates to a self-discovery of confidence, assertiveness, and flexibility.

These hidden skills will help you to adapt to unexpected situations that are risky or threaten to undermine you.


Algiz reversed indicates that you are willing to let others take advantage of you.

You are happy to let others fight your corner without trying to defend yourself.

Algiz in reverse, signals that you are vulnerable and have a poor support network to help build you up. No one is coming to save you. It’s time to dig deep and align yourself with your internal warrior.

Algiz for Spirituality


The Algiz rune is a great one for spiritual guidance. It reminds you of your innate abilities to ward off negative energy. You need to learn to tap into these and connect with the source.

With Algiz, there is a sense of contentment with your spiritual beliefs. Almost as if you’re in a dome protected from negative energy around you.

Algiz is an excellent rune for trying to connect with the Clair senses, which can alert you to danger long before it happens.


A negative Algiz can often indicate that you a spiritually vulnerable. Don’t let others take advantage of this. You may be at risk of being drained spiritually and financially by deceitful people posing as spiritual gurus or healers.

This rune can also indicate that you need to protect your spiritual beliefs. Someone may challenge and ridicule your views, making you question yourself. Don’t let them drain you of your energy.

Magical uses of the Algiz Rune

  • Protection and defense spells
  • Mystical communication with the divine
  • Connection with cosmic realms
  • Banishing negative energy
  • Strengthening personal power

Algiz Rune Associations

The Algiz rune connects with many other universal energies. These may suggest ways to incorporate the Algiz energy into your divination work.

Algiz has been associated with the following

AnimalsElk, Swan
BodyHead and immune system
Half monthJanuary 28th – February 12th
Ruling planetMars
TarotSeven of Wands

Algiz Rune Poems

Anglo-Saxon Algiz Poem

The Elk-sedge grows in the fen,

waxing in the water, grimly wounding;

it burn the blood of those

who would lay hands upon it.

There are no Norwegian or Icelandic Algiz Poems.

Algiz Galdr (Runic Chant)

Elhaz elhaz elhaz
Z z z z z z z z z
Uz az iz ez oz
Oz ez iz az uz

Rune Algiz Other Names

  • Old Germanic name: Algis, Elhaz
  • Old Norwegian name: Ihwar
  • Anglo-Saxon name: Eolh or Olh
  • Old Celtic name: Eileadh
  • Old Icelandic name: Elgr

Final thoughts

Algiz is a rune of protective power. Its presence signals that you are currently in a place of safety and feel secure in your life. Even in chaos, you feel a sense of calm and protection from negative energy.

The Algiz rune ensures you utilize life skills to see you through times of hardship. Don’t rely on others to protect you. Dig deep with your strength and abilities to achieve positive outcomes.

Algiz reminds you to stand up for what you believe in. Hold your ground and maintain your stamina to persevere through the challenge.

When Algiz is reversed, it relates to vulnerability and defeat. Others are taking advantage of you, and it’s draining you of your energy and will to push through.

Algiz reminds you that you have it within yourself to put up a fight. Put those boundaries in place and stop being so passive.

Use the Algiz rune to harness these energies into your life and divination work.

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