Wunjo Rune {Meaning and Divination Reading}

If you are starting out with Elder Futhark divination readings, you’re probably still getting to grips with their meanings. So if you’ve drawn the Wunjo rune, you’re curious about what it means.

The Wunjo rune is associated with joy and harmony. It is the eighth symbol of the Elder Futhark alphabet. The Wunjo sign is ruled under Freya’s aett. The Wunjo symbol is also related to the celebration of fulfillment and success.

That’s a general oversight of the Wunjo symbol, but if you want to know more, then keep reading.

This guide will tell you everything you want to know about this rune symbol. You’ll also learn how to use with divination and energy work.

Let’s get started.

wunjo rune

What is the Wunjo Rune?

Wunjo is the eighth symbol of the 24 Elder Futhark Runes. You pronounce it as woon-yo.

The whole elder futhark alphabet is split into three lots of eight. A Norse deity rules over each set as an aettir (family).

Wunjo is the last symbol of Freya’s Aett. Freya was the Norse goddess of love fertility, beauty, gold, and death.

Freya’s aett represents runes that encourage change and creation. These runes help to keep us on the right path when moving through everyday life.

In addition to Wunjo the other symbols in this Aettir include the:

What is the Meaning of the Wunjo Rune?

wunjo rune meaning

In a general rune reading, Wunjo symbolizes happiness and well-being. The literal translation of Wunjo is ‘joy.’

Wunjo harnesses highly positive energy. It emits feelings of bliss, pleasure, and harmony.

It’s a rune that relates to celebrating the outcome of your hard work. That feeling of reaching the top of a mountain and enjoying the view.

Wunjo encourages you to look back on your journey and all the challenges you’ve overcome. It asks you to take lessons and rewards and put them to good use for the future.

Wunjo Keywords:

  • Joy
  • Happiness
  • Success
  • Achievement
  • Fulfilled

How to read the Wunjo Rune

wunko upright
Wunjo upright

Rune divination starts with you having a question or intention in mind. Drawing the Wunjo rune can bring answers to that which you seek guidance.

We’ve already discussed the general meaning of the Wunjo rune. Yet, you may find this doesn’t really relate to your intention or question.

Wunjo is not a chief rune for some intentions. On its own, it doesn’t always give the depth of answer you need.

When you’ve drawn a Wunjo rune, it’s always better you get context from other runes. Often the order you read them will give you more details about the message of the Wunjo.

On that note, the meanings in this guide are not set in stone. As a beginner, they may help you decipher the message’s meaning in your rune reading.

Use your own judgment and intuition to guide you through.

Can Wunjo be reversed?

wunjo reversed
Wunjo reversed

Wunjo is a rune that can be reversed. That means a mirrored, inverted, or reversed position carries a shadow meaning (merkstave).

Reading a reversed rune is subjective. 

Some only consider it a merkstave rune if it falls at a position 180° flipped from upright (e.g. the first rune above). Any other position is considered upright.

Another option is if a rune falls at an obscure angle, it is rotated in a clockwise direction until it reaches an upright or reversed position. This is shown in the other three examples above.

When Wunjo is reversed, it can signal unhappy times. Things will not go to plan, and drama and unexpected problems will arise.

If mercury in retrograde were a rune reading, it would be reversed Wunjo.

Reversed Wunjo can suggest that you need to free yourself of behaviors that stop you from achieving happiness. Your wishes may not be fulfilled now, but don’t give up, keep the faith and move forward.

You may choose not to consider a reversed Wunjo as a meaning. But, you could be missing an important message from the Divine.

Wunjo For Love


A Wunjo rune in a love intention can predict a happy time in your relationship. You genuinely enjoy each other’s company and getting to know one another.

It is more than the honeymoon phase but a deep appreciation of your partner and who they are.

Harmony and domestic bliss is the general tone with upright Wunjo when you are already in a relationship. A connection with someone with fair hair or light eyes may come your way if you are single.


Drawing a reverse Wunjo for a love intention signals that a partner is not to be trusted now. Disappointment and lost affections are likely.

When Wunjo is in reverse, don’t make life-changing decisions in your relationship. It’s advised to delay these for three months, which will help open your eyes to reality.

Wunjo for Family and Friends


When Wunjo is drawn to family and friends matters, you’ll feel like you’ve found your tribe. The support network around you allows you to be your most authentic self.

You feel a sense of community spirit and acceptance from your family and friends.

Wunjo can relate to celebrating success and the results of a community effort. One which brings everyone joy and a sense of achievement. It is strongly related to the Mannaz rune.


A reverse Wunjo can signal that you feel alienated from your family or friends.

You may also find it challenging to make new friends or mourn the loss of an old friendship. You are not enjoying the company of others.

If you’ve moved to a new area, you may feel a lack of community or friendliness amongst neighbors.

Wunjo for Health and wellbeing


Wunjo drawn for health signals that you may be celebrating a health win. Perhaps you’ve reached a goal weight, stopped smoking, or completed a marathon.

Enjoy this moment, but don’t give up. Set yourself a new goal and smash that too.

Your health may benefit from adding breath work or meditation into your daily routine. This can help improve your physical, mental, and emotional health.


Drawing a reversed Wunjo can signal an illness related to your lungs or digestion. This may be an infection or inflammation.

If you are experiencing symptoms of concern, get this check out immediately.

Reversed Wunjo can also indicate an injury or illness you are slow to recover from. Be patient with yourself and allow your body the time it needs to heal.

Wunjo For Money and finances


In matters of money, Wunjo can represent that you are reaping the rewards of sound financial decisions. Often, this is a large payout or sale you’ve been working hard on for a long time.

Wunjo is a highly positive sign for finances and brings a general sense of prosperity.

You will also likely be well compensated for following through with ambitious endeavors. Starting a new venture is encouraged.


A reversed Wunjo can relate to poor cash flow. You may have encountered issues or delays on a necessary but costly project. 

A reversed Wunjo reminds you to be cautious. Any financial decision should be carefully considered or shelved for a short period.

Don’t trust anyone who is hurrying you to part with your money.

Wunjo for Career


When Wunjo is drawn in career intention, it signals that you are happy and satisfied in this area.

You get a lot of satisfaction from your job and feel it’s giving you much more than just a paycheck.

Reap the rewards of the many years of effort you’ve put into your role.

You may be feeling now is time to move on to a role in your career. Follow your creative and intuitive instincts at this time.


Wunjo reversed in your career can suggest you are unsatisfied and unfulfilled in your role. You find work tedious, mundane, and you’re only staying to pick up a paycheck.

You may also be feeling frustrated by delays with a work project. Wunjo reminds you to remain realistic and avoid getting over-enthusiastic; it likely won’t bring positive results.

Wunjo for Personal development


Wunjo is an excellent rune for personal development as it encourages you to recognize the importance of gratitude in life.

It prompts you to look around and be grateful for all the positives in your life. Learn to relish in the good that is coming your way.


Wunjo reversed indicates that you have trouble with patience and need to work on these skills. You need to understand that everything will work out in its own time.

Forcing things along will only leave you frustrated and unhappy in the long run.

Wunjo for Spirituality


Drawing a Wunjo rune can signal that you feel truly blessed by higher powers. It’s an excellent rune to use during meditation and manifestation.

Wunjo strongly aligns with the law of attraction. You are fulfilling your cosmic destiny by bringing your wants and needs into focus.


A reversed Wunjo can relate to a long and arduous spiritual journey. You may focus too much on the goal and ignore that the journey is just as important.

You’ll never achieve true spiritual fulfillment if you can’t appreciate the here and now.

Magical uses

  • Improving wellbeing
  • Increasing vibrational frequency
  • Relationship spells
  • Bindrune success

Wunjo Rune Associations

The Wunjo rune connects with many other universal energies. Each of these may suggest ways to incorporate the Wunjo energy into your divination work.

Wunjo associates with the following

BodyLungs, digestive system
Half monthOctober13th-October 28th
Ruling planetJupiter
TarotAce of Cups

Wunjo Rune Poems

Anglo-Saxon Wunjo Poem

Bliss he enjoys who knows not suffering,

sorrow nor anxiety,

and has prosperity and happiness

and a good enough house.

There are no Norwegian or Icelandic tune poems for Wunjo.

Wunjo Galdr (Runic Chant)

Wunjo wunjo wunjo

Wu wa wi we wo

Wun wan win wen won

Wo we wi wa wu


Rune Wunjo Other Names

  • Old Germanic name: Uuinne
  • Old Norwegian name: Wunju, Vend
  • Anglo-Saxon name: Wynn
  • Old Celtic name: Winja
  • Old Icelandic name: Vin

Final thoughts

Wunjo is a rune of joy and happiness. It’s one of the most positive runes you will encounter. With Wunjo, you are encouraged to enjoy the good times and celebrate all you have worked hard for.

Wunjo makes your future look bright, and you will be blessed with good luck and prosperity. Relationships and careers will make you feel fulfilled and content with your life.

Even in reverse, Wunjo conveys that things are not good at the moment. Yet you should give up or give in, be patient and remember that the bad times won’t last forever.

Use the Wunjo rune to harness these energies into your life and divination work.

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