Uruz Rune {Meaning and Divination Reading}

If you are starting out with Elder Futhark divination readings, you’re probably still getting to grips with their meanings. So if you’ve drawn the Uruz rune you’re curious about what it means.

The Uruz rune is associated with brute strength and endurance. It is the second symbol of the Elder Futhark alphabet. The Uruz sign is ruled under Freya’s aett.  The Uruz symbol is also related to health and perseverance through hardship.

That’s a general oversight of the Uruz symbol, but if you want to know more, then keep reading. This guide will tell you everything you want to know about this rune symbol. You’ll also learn how to use it for divination and energy work.

Let’s get started.

What is the Uruz Rune?

Uruz is the second symbol of the Elder Futhark Runes. You pronounce it as Oo-rooze.

The whole elder futhark alphabet is split into three lots of eight.  A Norse deity rules over each set as an aettir (family).

Uruz is the second symbol of Freya’s Aett. Freya was the Norse goddess of love fertility, beauty, gold, and death.

Freya’s aett represents runes that encourage change and creation. These runes help to keep us on the right path when moving through everyday life.

For growth, we need to persevere through the hard times.

In addition to Uruz the other symbols in this Aettir include the:

What is the Meaning of the Uruz Rune?

Uruz rune meaning

In a general rune reading, Uruz symbolizes strength. It translates as auroch, a large wild ox and untameable beast. Each younger male would be expected to kill an auroch as a coming-of-age ritual.

This sentiment conveys the purpose of Uruz. Become a warrior against the challenges that you face.

Uruz can also relate to power and energy in general. This can be physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Wielding power requires you to be responsible, and you need to remain grounded as you use it.

Uruz Keywords

  • Strength
  • Power
  • Energy
  • Endurance
  • Focus

How to read the Uruz Rune

Uruz Upright

Rune divination starts with you having a question or intention in mind. Drawing the Uruz rune can bring answers to that which you seek guidance.

We’ve already discussed the general meaning of the Uruz rune. Yet, you may find this doesn’t really relate to your intention or question.

Uruz is not a chief rune for some intentions. On its own, it may not give the depth of answer you require.

In this case, consider using more than one rune for a reading. Other runes can help give more detail to your answer than the Uruz rune alone. 

On that note, these meanings are not set in stone. As a beginner, they may help you to decipher the meaning of the message in your rune reading.

As always use your own judgment and intuition to guide you through.

Can Uruz be reversed?

Uruz Reversed

Uruz is a rune that can be reversed. That means a mirrored, inverted, or reversed position carries a shadow meaning (merkstave).

Reading a reversed rune is subjective.  Some only consider it a merkstave rune if it falls at a position 180° flipped from upright (e.g the first rune above). Any other position is considered upright.

Another option is if a rune falls at an obscure angle, it is rotated in a clockwise direction until it reaches an upright or reversed position. This is shown in the other three examples above.

When Uruz is reversed the general meaning is to be mindful of uncontrolled strength and power.

It is related to a lack of will and motivation to grow in life. It’s a sign of withdrawal and unwillingness to make use of opportunities.

You may choose not to consider a reversed Uruz as a meaning. But, you could be missing an important message from the Divine.

Uruz For Love


Drawing Uruz in matters of love means there will be intense passion in is area. It also signals a grounding effect to your relationship. Your romantic partner is one that can be relied upon and willing to work at creating a strong, healthy relationship together.

Uruz also indicates that you seek an attractive, passionate partner with a high sex drive. But do be mindful that these characteristics are sometimes untameable.


Drawing a reverse Uruz for love can mean a power imbalance in a relationship. One partner is being too controlling of another rather than facing their root fears. Lack of passion or intimacy may also be causing relationship issues.

Uruz can also reveal the lack of progress in a relationship. You may feel like you’ve been coasting for a long time. Or you realize that you’ve both settled for fear of being alone. It’s time to discuss if this is what you both want from life.

Uruz for Family and Friends


Uruz in family and friendships can give the message to expect upheaval in this area. Uruz reminds you to see this through as the outcome will likely be positive.  Use your family to keep you grounded when things are moving forward in your life.

Uruz signals to be a pillar of strength for your loved ones, but also be flexible with what they need.


Drawing a reversed Uruz can mean that your family or friends may be holding you back from taking opportunities to better yourself.  Change can be scary for those around you and they may feel like they will lose you.

It can also indicate that a disagreement has got out of hand. Learning to tame your primal emotions and channel that energy to something more productive will benefit your connections.

Uruz for Health and wellbeing


Uruz is a chief rune that gives a message of excellent health. It signals that you are both physically and emotionally strong. When it comes to challenges, you meet them head-on and don’t falter.

You are resilient and know how to use resources around you to keep yourself in a state of good well-being. It also symbolizes your ability to remain full of vitality for physical health and grounded in your mental health.


Drawing a reversed Uruz can indicate a period of poor health. It can also relate to having low motivation to care for your health leading to illness.

Health issues will impact your physical strength. Yet they can also have a lasting impact on your mental and emotional health. Illness impacts your ability to move forward and get things done.

Uruz For Money and finances


In matters of money, Uruz can symbolize a place of discomfort that you need to change. This may mean taking risks that will pay off in the long term. It’s a raw and primal power to take action to change your financial situation.

Uruz brings a greater wealth of wisdom and doing your due diligence. Don’t make decisions based on emotion alone.


A reversed Uruz can bring the message that you’ve passed on a good opportunity to improve your finances. It can also symbolize that you are being controlled by money rather than you taking control of your situation.

Your spending habits may be out of control and need to be tamed. You need to find the strength to be more logical with your finances.

Uruz for Career


In career intentions, Uruz can bring a message of taking a creative risk. That may be putting your ideas forward to your boss. Don’t let your confidence or fears hold you back. What’s the worst that could happen?

Putting yourself out there can get you noticed and bring strength and power to your career progression. It can also signal a powerful vocational calling to a specific career.


Uruz reversed can indicate that you are using your power to control others in your career. In a management role, this may be micromanaging or delegating the wrong tasks.

It can also mean a lack of power in your role. Are you neglecting to recognize your own abilities? Or have you got a fear of putting yourself forward? Use this message from the Uruz rune to address what’s holding you back in your career.

Uruz for Personal development


Uruz is an excellent message for using your strength to grow as a person. The more challenges you face in life, the more experience you gather to hone your power. Striving toward inner goals to tackle issues that are holding you back in life.

Uruz is an eye-opener. It will show your strengths but will also shine a light on your weaknesses. Use this knowledge to work on yourself and know where to make improvements.


Uruz in reverse demonstrates the strong need to control your personal power. You’ve created an illusion of yourself that you need to let go of.

The misdirection of your power will destroy any benefit you hope to achieve.  Work on negative aspects of your personality, such as ignorance, controlling behavior, or rage.

Uruz for Spirituality


Uruz is an extremely powerful rune in manifestation. Drawing the Uruz can mean that your manifestations are potent and connect with the divine energy. The raw earth energy is working to bring these into your life.

Open up to let it create the manifestation unfold without trying to control how you think it should be.


A reversed Uruz can highlight that what you are manifesting is not the answer. It may be that you need to do the work physically or mentally to achieve spiritually.

The divine connects with you to tell you there is a cosmic order. You cannot reap the benefits of universal energy growth until you have overcome obstacles. There are no shortcuts.

Magical uses of Uruz

  • Bringing new circumstances into being
  • Strengthening will
  • Deep healing physically and mentally
  • Controlling your energy
  • Deep exploration of the root cause of emotions
  • Increasing Magical power and strength
  • Motivation to achieve goals

Uruz Associations

The Uruz rune connects with many other universal energies. Each of these may suggest ways to incorporate the Uruz energy into your divination work.

Uruz has been associated with the following:

AnimalsOx, auroch, bison, bull
BodyMuscles and stamina
ColourDark Green
CrystalsMalachite, red jasper
Half monthJuly 14th – July 29th
Ruling planetPluto

Uruz Rune Poems

Anglo-Saxon Uruz Poem

The aurochs is proud and has great

horns; it is a very savage beast and

fights with its horns; a great ranger

of the moors, it is a creature of


Norwegian Uruz Poem

Dross comes from bad iron;

the reindeer often races over the frozen snow.

Icelandic Uruz Poem


lamentation of the clouds

and ruin of the hay-harvest

and abomination of the shepherd.

Uruz Galdr (Runic Chant)

Uruz uruz uruz




Uruz Rune Other Names

  • Old Germanic name: Uraz
  • ​Old Norwegian name: Urur, Urokke
  • ​Anglo-Saxon name: Ur
  • ​Old Icelandic name: Uhr

Final thoughts

Uruz is an extremely strong and grounding rune that harnesses power, strength, healing, and transformation. It promotes good health and ambition.

Uruz relies on your motivation to take action but in a controlled manner.  It’s about recognizing what you have learned from an experience and applying that wisdom. Don’t fight the balance it brings to your life.

Even in reverse, it brings the message that power needs to be used responsibly. Don’t let your emotions overrule you. Let it center you to the here and now.

Use the Uruz rune to harness these energies into your life and divination work.

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