Mannaz Rune {Meaning and Divination Reading}

If you are starting out with Elder Futhark divination readings, you’re probably still getting to grips with their meanings. So if you’ve drawn the Mannaz rune, you’re curious about what it means.

The Mannaz rune is associated with humanity and community. It is the twentieth symbol of the Elder Futhark alphabet. The Mannaz sign is ruled under Tyr’s aett. The Mannaz symbol also relates to contributions to society and the human soul.

That’s a brief idea of the Mannaz symbol, but if you want to know more, keep reading. This guide will tell you everything you want to know about this rune symbol.

You’ll also learn how to use it with divination and energy work.

Let’s get started.

Mannaz Rune Elder Futhark

What is the Mannaz Rune?

Mannaz is the twentieth symbol of the Elder Futhark Runes. You pronounce it as Man-ahz.

The whole elder futhark alphabet is split into three lots of eight. A Norse deity rules over each set as an aettir (family).

Mannaz is the fourth symbol of the third (Tyr’s) Aett. This set of runes is ruled by Tyr, the Norse god of law, order, and justice.

Tyr’s aett represents experiences that challenge our progress from primal to the divine self. They bring about the development of your full potential. These runes help to navigate the human condition and broader issues of society.

The Mannaz Rune represents the part we play in society. We need to consider if we are giving back as much as we are taking.

In addition to Mannaz, the other symbols in this Aettir include the:

What is the Meaning of the Mannaz Rune?

Mannaz Rune Meaning

In a general rune reading, Mannaz symbolizes the collective nature of being a human.

The translation of Mannaz is Man, but more as in mankind rather than the gender. Mannaz represents all people.

The Mannaz rune is about how we contribute and live with others. This may be our family, community, or society as a whole. These are the support systems that help us get through life.

This is a rune that makes you consider how you are perceived by society. We are all blessed with talents and abilities that we can use to better our lives and that of others.

Intelligence and wisdom are often related to the Mannaz rune. This is because our knowledge and experiences help to advance the thinking of others. When we build on community foundations, we progress as a species.

Everyone has a role to play in society. Carve out your niche and give it all you have.

Despite our differences as humans, we all face mortality. Mannaz reminds you to be more tolerant and compassionate with others. Everyone is going through their issues.

Mannaz aligns strongly with the Wunjo as a rune linked to the community. You will see that the Mannaz is two wunjos symbols facing each other.

Mannaz Keywords:

  • Humanity
  • Community
  • Support
  • Abilities
  • Contribution

How to read the Mannaz Rune

Mannaz upright
Mannaz Upright

Rune divination starts with you having a question or intention in mind. Drawing the Mannaz rune can bring answers to that which you seek guidance.

We’ve already discussed the general meaning of the Mannaz rune. Yet, you may find this doesn’t really relate to your intention or question.

Mannaz is not a chief rune for some intentions. On its own, it doesn’t always give the depth of answer you need.

When you’ve drawn a Mannaz rune, it’s always better you get context from the neighboring runes. Often the order you read them will give you more details about the message of the Mannaz.

On that note, the meanings in this guide are not set in stone. As a beginner, they may help you decipher the message’s meaning in your rune reading.

Use your own judgment and intuition to guide you through.

Can Mannaz be reversed?

Mannaz Reversed
Mannaz Reversed

Mannaz is a rune that can be reversed. That means a mirrored, inverted, or reversed position carries a shadow meaning (merkstave).

Reading a reversed rune is subjective. Some only consider it a merkstave rune if it falls at a position 180° flipped from upright (e.g the first rune above). Any other position is considered upright.

Another option is if a rune falls at an obscure angle, it is rotated in a clockwise direction until it reaches an upright or reversed position. This is shown in the other three examples above.

When Mannaz is reversed, it relates to isolation and a lack of support. This may be because you have withdrawn, or you may have been made to feel like an outcast.

A reversed Mannaz can also signal that you are feeling a bit lost at the moment. You don’t really know what you want from life. It may also mean you are easily influenced, manipulated, or pressured by others.

You may choose not to consider a reversed Mannaz as a meaning. But, you could be missing an important message from the Divine.

Mannaz For Love


A Mannaz rune in a love intention signals that you feel well supported in your romantic relationship. You and your partner display compassion and patience in times of hardship. This gives you a sense of safety and stability.

Both partners’ families and social circles welcome and accept you as a couple.

If you’re single, Mannaz signifies that socializing in large groups will bring love into your life.


Drawing a reversed Mannaz is a sign of conflict in your relationship. There is a lack of support and significant misunderstanding. Usually, this is because of influence on one of you from family or friends.

There may also be a lack of acceptance within community or family circles from either side. This may be due to appearance, behaviors, or beliefs.

Mannaz for Family and Friends


Mannaz is a chief rune for family and friend intentions.  It highlights the group as a whole rather than one person in particular.

These support networks are vital in your life to get you through difficulties. Use their support and, in turn, offer them the same when the time comes.

Mannaz can be an indication of an upcoming family gathering. Usually, this is related to someone’s talents or contributions. Think along the lines of graduation or a job offer.


A reversed Mannaz can signal isolation from your family or friends. This may be due to a specific view or belief. You think differently from the rest of the group, resulting in you being an outcast.

Mannaz can also represent the interference of family or friends in a situation. You may feel pressured to conform to what they want rather than follow your own path. Consider taking time out to clear your head.

Mannaz for Health and wellbeing


Mannaz drawn for health indicates that you’ll have excellent community support through an illness or injury. This may be through fundraising, emotional support, or help with daily life.

Mannaz can also signal the importance of your community for maintaining good health. This may be as part of a sports group or keeping mentally well by interacting with others.

If you’re pregnant, Mannaz reminds you that you have a strong support network to raise a baby.


Drawing a reversed Mannaz signals that your health is suffering through a lack of support. It generally relates to poor mental health caused by isolation.

You may suffer because you’ve given too much of yourself to others. You can’t pour from an empty cup or set yourself on fire to keep others warm.

Reverse Mannaz reminds you to make time for self-care.

Mannaz For Money and finances


In money matters, drawing the Mannaz rune can signal that things are going well for you financially. You have listened to the advice of a community or worked well with others to reap the financial rewards.

Mannaz indicates that you will do well to help your family or community by contributing excess money. Give back to those who have helped you get to where you are now.


A reversed Mannaz indicates that you’re experiencing financial difficulty. This may be due to spending too much time socializing with others, or giving all your money to family or friends and seeing yourself without.

Be wary of those trying to manipulate you to gain from you financially. Consider if they have your best interests at heart. Would they stick around if you didn’t have the financial backing?

Mannaz for Career


When Mannaz is drawn in career intention, it signals that your work environment is supportive and settled. You have a good relationship with your colleagues and feel you work well towards common goals.

You feel fulfilled in your role as it enables you to utilize your talents and abilities. Your ideas are heard and acted upon, and you see progress in your field.


A reversed Mannaz can indicate a toxic work environment. Your colleagues are not supportive and only out for themselves. You may feel like an outcast from cliques who backstab and sabotage your work.

A reversed Mannaz can also indicate that you have blurred the lines with colleagues. This may have resulted in issues that have over spilled into the workplace. Now is the time to take a step back and regroup.

Mannaz for Personal development


With a personal development intention, Mannaz is a hugrune, or one of the mind. It encourages you to explore your talents.

Mannaz is heavily related to intelligence, language, law, and academics. Now is the time to consider new studies or learning a language.

You may also consider picking up a hobby involving interacting with a group of people. Creativity is encouraged with Mannaz.


Mannaz reversed indicates that you are not applying a common sense approach to issues. When applying your logic, you need to remember the foundations. This is something you need to work on.

Reversed Mannaz can also relate to a dilemma in that you don’t know which path to take. Changing your perspective on an issue with which you’ve uncovered more information can also be challenging.

Now may be the time to develop your critical thinking skills to improve your decision-making.

Mannaz for Spirituality


Mannaz reversed indicates that the spiritual community well supports you. This may be feeling a part of religious or spiritual events or rituals. You are feeling content and giving back the support that you receive.

Mannaz can also indicate that a group will enlighten you about yourself. They give you the skills to explore yourself spiritually and seek your life’s purpose.


A negative Mannaz often indicates that you are not feeling accepted within a spiritual community. It’s time to take some time to honestly consider your behaviors that may cause this.

You may find that you’re beliefs are out of alignment with that of a spiritual group. It may be time to seek others with whom you have a greater affinity and can be true to your spiritual self.

Magical uses of the Mannaz Rune

  • Supporting others
  • Increasing mental ability
  • Improving memory
  • Working in harmony with others
  • Success in legal and academic pursuits

Mannaz Rune Associations

The Mannaz rune connects with many other universal energies. These may suggest ways to incorporate the Mannaz energy into your divination work.

Mannaz corresponds with the following

BodyFeet and Ankles
Half monthApril 14th– April 29th
Ruling planetUranus
TarotFour of Wands

Mannaz Rune Poems

Anglo-Saxon Mannaz Poem

The joyous man is dear to his kinsmen;

yet every man is doomed to fail his fellow,

since the Lord by his decree

will commit the vile carrion to the earth.

Norwegian  Mannaz poem

Man is an augmentation of the dust;

great is the claw of the hawk.

Icelandic Mannaz poem


delight of man

and augmentation of the earth

and adorner of ships.

Mannaz Galdr (Runic Chant)

Mannaz mannaz mannaz
Mu ma mi me mo
Mun man min men mon
Um am im em om
Mon men min man mun

Rune Mannaz Other Names

  • Old Germanic name: Manna
  • Old Norwegian name: Maðr
  • Anglo-Saxon name: Mann
  • Old Celtic name: Mofein
  • Old Icelandic name: Maður

Final thoughts

Mannaz is a rune of our interaction with others. It represents community and support in all forms.

The Mannaz rune forces us to face the challenges of living with others. Understanding, compassion, tolerance, and contribution. These are challenges we need to master, especially in our self-centered world.

Mannaz reminds you that life is hard for everyone. We all have our own journeys, yet we all make it to the same destination of mortality. Be kind to those around you and give back what you can.

Take time to explore your purpose here on earth. What abilities and talent have you got that can benefit you and those around you? Now is the time to put them to use.

We all have a part to play in life. The more we utilize our powers, the greater our connection to the divine.

In reverse, Mannaz reminds us of the hardships of human interaction. We all need to belong, yet, sometimes we need to take time away from others to recollect our thoughts.

Consider if you are being selfish or causing harm to others around you with your action or beliefs.

Use the Mannaz rune to harness these energies into your life and divination work.

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