Ingwaz Rune {Meaning and Divination Reading}

If you are starting out with Elder Futhark divination readings, you’re probably still getting to grips with their meanings. So if you’ve drawn the Ingwaz rune, you’re curious about what it means.

The Ingwaz rune is associated with fertility and creation. It is the twenty-second symbol of the Elder Futhark alphabet. The Ingwaz sign is ruled under Tyr’s aett. The Ingwaz symbol also relates to regeneration and evolution.

That’s a brief idea of the Ingwaz symbol, but if you want to know more, keep reading. This guide will tell you everything you want to know about this rune symbol.

You’ll also learn how to use it with divination and energy work.

Let’s get started.

Ingwaz rune

What is the Ingwaz Rune?

Ingwaz is the twenty-second symbol of the Elder Futhark Runes. You pronounce it as eng-wahz.

The whole elder futhark alphabet is split into three lots of eight. A Norse deity rules over each set as an aettir (family).

Ingwaz is the sixth symbol of the third (Tyr’s) Aett. This set of runes is ruled by Tyr, the Norse god of law, order, and justice.

Tyr’s aett represents experiences that challenge our progress from primal to the divine self. They bring about the development of your full potential. These runes help to navigate the human condition and broader issues of society.

The Ingwaz Rune represents the potential for advancing our being throughout life. The energy starts with physical growth and can evolve emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

In addition to Ingwaz, the other symbols in this Aettir include the:

What is the Meaning of the Ingwaz Rune?

Ingwaz rune meaning

The general meaning of the Ingwaz rune is a period of gestation.  It represents the coming together of energy and resources required to create something new and whole.

The translation of Ingwaz is the god Ing, the god of fertility, later known as Freyr. This explains the keywords used around this rune heavily associated with procreation.

Despite the clear association with childbearing. Ingwaz represents energy much more profound than this, the birthing of being.

This is a rune of ongoing growth through life. It starts with the physical growth of a baby. Then evolves into the emotional growth of a child. Then the mental growth of a young adult and on to spiritual growth of a mature adult.

Each step is intertwined and builds the foundation for the next step to advance. The more you put in, the more success and abundance you accumulate at the end.

Sacrifice, goals, and experience are all required to evolve the being. Those who track the efficacy of their energetic inputs will progress, and those who don’t will stagnate.

Ingwaz is the foresight of opportunity and plans to achieve a specific outcome. It’s an awareness of having the right resources to carry through to completion.

The Ingwaz rune works with silent and diligent energy. You have faith that it will all come together in the end.

The Ingwaz is a reflective rune. It helps you to analyze what needs to change for things to be better. You are motivated to move forward when you have a purpose.

Ingwaz Keywords:

  • Fertility
  • Creation
  • Completion
  • Development
  • Sacrifice

How to read the Ingwaz Rune

Rune divination starts with you having a question or intention in mind. Drawing the Ingwaz rune can bring answers to that which you seek guidance.

We’ve already discussed the general meaning of the Ingwaz rune. Yet, you may find this doesn’t really relate to your intention or question.

Ingwaz is not a chief rune for some intentions. On its own, it doesn’t always give the depth of answer you need.

When you’ve drawn an Ingwaz rune, it’s always better you get context from the neighboring runes. Often the order you read them will give you more details about the message of the Ingwaz.

On that note, the meanings in this guide are not set in stone. As a beginner, they may help you decipher the message’s meaning in your rune reading.

Use your own judgment and intuition to guide you through.

Can Ingwaz be reversed?

Ingwaz lying in opposition
Ingwaz in opposition

The Ingwaz rune cannot be reversed. That’s because the symbol looks the same in upright and reversed positions. Therefore, it’s impossible to know which one is intended.

Although the Ingwaz rune doesn’t have a typical reverse (merkstave) position, it can ‘lie in opposition.’

Some rune casters will assign a negative meaning to Ingwaz in a sideways position.

Negativity may also be evident from other runes that have been cast.

A negative Ingwaz reading can signal that you focus your energy in the wrong places. There is no purpose in what you are trying to achieve, and your actions are aimless.

It can also represent a lack of control over your intention. You keep trying over and over, with little result or reward.

You may choose not to consider Ingwaz lying in opposition as a meaning. But, you could be missing an important message from the Divine.

Ingwaz For Love


An Ingwaz rune is a sign of a sexually charged relationship. The focus is on male sexual energy and your attraction to this. 

Ingwaz is a rune that helps things come to completion. It’s not a rune of separation. Instead, it helps you work through issues to achieve the stability you desire from your partner. This will bring a sense of relief for you both.

If you’re single and looking for a partner Ingwaz is a sign your effort is about to pay off.

In Opposition

Drawing a reversed Ingwaz is a sign that your relationship is not fulfilling. You’ve been putting in a lot of effort without any reciprocity.

A reversed Ingwaz presents stagnation. Although you may both be happy, there has been no growth in your connection. Consider if your complacency is stunting your emotional growth.

Ingwaz for Family and Friends


Ingwaz is a chief rune for family and friendships. It embodies a feeling of safety and stability with your network of family and friends.

The Ingwaz rune represents that the effort you’ve put in with family and friends over the years is paying off. You’re thankful for their presence when you need a helping hand or a shoulder to lean on.

You are held in high regard as a calm, reliable and balanced person by your loved ones.

In Opposition

A reversed Ingwaz can signal instability in your family and friendship groups. Instead of rallying around in the hard times, you feel abandoned and unsupported.

People you thought would be there for you during the hard times are not. However, you should consider if you’ve done the same. Have you offered them your support through their dark times?

Consider if your expectations of others are realistic.

Ingwaz for Health and wellbeing


Ingwaz drawn for health is a positive sign. This is a rune that is all about things coming to completion. That means that ill health or treatment is ending as you’ve recovered.

This is a rune that represents the completion of goals. So aims such as losing weight or getting stronger will be manifested.

Ingwaz is a rune strongly related to fertility and can indicate a healthy pregnancy.

In Opposition

Drawing a reversed Ingwaz signals a poor state of health. Your habits are not beneficial for you to maintain your health long-term. This is a warning to change your ways before you do chronic damage.

A negative Ingwaz can also indicate problems conceiving related to male fertility. It can also relate to health problems that result in impotence.

Ingwaz For Money and finances


In money matters, Ingwaz represents harvesting the fruits of your labor. You’ve put in the work with your finances, been patient, and it’s about the pay off handsomely for you.

A large sum of money is coming your way. This may be a result of your work or from family inheritance.

In Opposition

A reversed Ingwaz indicates stagnation of finances. You have done poor financial planning, and it will now cost you. This may be related to overspending on the home or poor financial decisions when taking on a mortgage.

You may also be putting in extra effort and hours at work without any extra pay. You need to stop sacrificing your time for free or ask your boss for overtime pay.

Ingwaz for Career


When Ingwaz is drawn in work intention, it’s a great sign that your career is progressing.

You’ve been working on a project or a goal for a long time, and you’re about to see the rewards of your efforts. You’ve built a strong foundation for yourself so grab those career opportunities which are coming your way.

In Opposition

A reversed Ingwaz can indicate a period of stagnation in your workplace. You may be putting in a lot of effort for very little recognition.

Alternatively, you may not be putting in any effort, or there is no purpose to what you’re trying to achieve. You need to self-reflect on what isn’t working for you and put a plan of action in place.

Ingwaz for Personal development


Ingwaz is an excellent run for personal development as it indicates the creation or completion of goals. If there is something you’ve been working on, you’re about to make a breakthrough.

If you’ve not got any current goals, then now is the time to work on the skill you’ve always wanted to achieve. Manifesting on Ingwaz energy will help you create a solid and achievable plan to see it through.

In Opposition

Ingwaz reversed indicates that an area of personal development you’ve been working on has not yielded the result you thought it would. This may be because you’ve been unrealistic with your aims.

It can also signal that you haven’t been putting in the effort to better yourself. Rather than using your free time to grow, you’ve squandered it by being lazy or procrastinating. It’s time to address the reasons behind this self-sabotage before setting new goals.

Ingwaz for Spirituality


The Ingwaz rune is a great rune that relates to manifestation energy. It’s an energy transfer of emitting positive vibes to get back what you put out there.

With Ingwaz, your thoughts become things.

Ingwaz can also indicate that you’re feeling fulfilled with a spiritual path and are seeking something new to explore. Listen to your intuition and let it guide you on your next soul journey.

In Opposition

A reversed Ingwaz can often indicate that you are frustrated with your spirituality. You may feel like you are doing the work by manifesting and meditating on your goals but are seeing no change.

Now is the time to do some spiritual reflection. Consider if you have a clear goal and are sending out the right energy.

Chakra work may be good for you to get rid of any blockages in your energy centers.

Magical uses of the Ingwaz Rune

  • Transformation rituals
  • Sex and fertility spells
  • Glamour spells
  • Improving motivation and energy
  • Manifesting Goals

Ingwaz Rune Associations

The Ingwaz rune connects with many other universal energies. These may suggest ways to incorporate the Ingwaz energy into your divination work.

Ingwaz has been associated with the following

Bodymale genitalia, DNA
CrystalsCarnelian, Citrine
God/GoddessesIng, Freyr
Half monthMay 14th – May 29th
Ruling planetVenus
TarotSeven of Penatacles

Ingwaz Rune Poems

Anglo-Saxon Ingwaz Poem

Ing was first seen by men

Amongst the East-Danes,

Until followed by his chariot,

He departed eastward over the waves.

So the Heardingas named the hero.

There are no Norwegian or Icelandic Poems for the Ingwaz rune.

Ingwaz Galdr (Runic Chant)

Ingwaz ingwaz ingwaz
ung ang ing eng ong
ong eng ing ang ung

Rune Ingwaz Other Names

  • Old Germanic name: Enguz, Inguz
  • Old Norwegian name: Ung, Yngvi, Ingvarr
  • Anglo-Saxon name: Ing
  • Old Celtic name: Innte
  • Old Icelandic name: Ing

Final thoughts

Ingwaz is a rune of creation and completion. One that reminds us to create the right environment and keep nurturing it to get the result and reward we want. You need to have faith and patience.

The Ingwaz rune reminds you of the energetic transfer in life. If you put in the effort, you’ll get back that and more. This helps you to focus and keep the path.

Utilize the Ingwaz rune for manifesting what you want. But be sure to have a clear goal in mind. You will bring into creation all you need to see your goals through to completion.

Working with Ingwaz will help you to progress in life. Once you achieve one goal, move on to the next. Each challenge will push you as a human to achieve in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

Ingwaz gives purpose to life, which leads to happiness and fulfillment.

Even in the reversed position, Ingwaz reminds us to reflect on the efforts that we are putting in. Is our energy transferred with purpose, or is it aimless? Being busy is not the same as being productive.

Your situation can be turned around. Take some downtime, and create a solid plan to move forward. Put it into action and watch your life flourish.

Use the Ingwaz rune to harness these energies into your life and divination work.

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