Best Crystals for Cancer

As a cancer zodiac sign, you are sensitive and passionate. Yet, this can leave you emotionally exposed to those around you. Crystals can offer you the spiritual guidance you’re seeking. But what are the best crystals for cancer?

Ruby is the best crystal for cancer zodiac signs. It’s a gemstone representing cancer’s core passion, devotion, and creativity traits. Rubies help to bring courage and empowerment to sensitive cancers. It encourages harmony and balance by increasing cancer’s ability for self-love and acceptance.

Ruby may be your primary crystal, but there are other options. You need to choose crystals that connect to your natural cancer traits and energy.

You were born when the sun was in Cancer, which means your birthday is between June 21st and July 22nd.

As cancer, you are very intuitive. You can easily pick up on even the most subtle change in energy. This is why the energy emitted by healing crystals will work so well for you. You’ll absorb the properties of your selected crystals with ease.

You need to choose the right ones as you’re sensitive to the energies that healing crystals give off. The right crystals will have an enhancing effect on you. Yet the opposite is also true if you pick the wrong ones.

Crystals for Cancer Zodiac

You’re the zodiac symbolized by the crab. Cancer is nurturing, sensitive, and extremely caring.

You can be overly emotional, temperamental, and clingy. Others are attracted to your compassionate and caring nature. You’re a ride or die, but that often means you can lose your sense of self.

Certain crystals will work with your Cancerian traits better than others. You need to choose one that will vibe with your natural qualities.

The crystals you choose as cancer would enhance your positive energy and protect you from your negative energy.

Even if you’re not a cancer zodiac sign, these crystals can benefit you at the time of year when the sun is in cancer. Cancer crystals can be used by all zodiac signs during this time to harness their healing properties.

You’ll find that you are very attracted to some crystals on this list. Yet, you shouldn’t worry if you don’t feel that natural pull towards any.

You may need to consider if you were born on a cusp. Each month, this is a transitional period of movement from one zodiac sign to the next. You may find that you align with one of your connecting signs, so check them out.

If you were born 18th-24th June, you might relate more to Gemini crystals.

If you were born 19th-25th July, you might relate more to Leo Crystals.

Let’s discover which healing crystals you should consider for your collection.

1. Ruby

Ruby is the perfect crystal for cancer as they promote the natural core traits of love and nurture. Cancers will particularly align with Ruby’s protection of home and relationships.

The vibrant red color of ruby crystals stirs up passion and confidence. These are energies that cancer can enhance or boost their mood when feeling attacked. Wearing a ruby can also give you a pick-me-up when you’re feeling emotionally exhausted.

Ruby can help cancer push past ruminating over past hurts. It gives you the strength to stop dwelling on the pain and puts you in a more positive mind frame.

Ruby connects to the root chakra. For cancers, this can often be blocked due to emotional hurt. Once unblocked, you’ll be able to release yourself from overthinking and unnecessary worry.

2. Moonstone

Moonstone is an excellent crystal to represent cancer energy. Cancer and moonstone are both ruled by the moon. This creates an affinity and connection to cancer emotions. Moonstone brings serene energy when cancer is feeling low or insecure.

Use this stone when you feel that your mood swings are becoming uncontrollable or unmanageable. Moonstone will help calm your mind and connect with the natural rhythms of life.

Cancer will align with this stone due to its intense feminine energy. This helps to enhance the caring and nurturing side that cancer loves to show. It will help you focus on home comforts that rebalance any chaotic energy you experience.

3. Carnelian

Carnelian is an excellent crystal for cancers that feel bogged down by pessimism. This can make you act irrationally or with spite. Carnelian can help you to order your thinking to stop these harmful behaviors.

Cancers can find it hard to trust their intuition if they are going through an emotionally charged situation. They are naturally intuitive, so the carnelian can help to enhance this quality and pull them out of the dark place they’ve fallen into.

Carnelian can anchor you to physical reality. This is essential for emotional cancers, which can often get caught up in their thoughts.

 4.  Citrine

Citrine is a fantastic crystal for creating joy for cancers. You’ll find that this crystal aligns with your traits of creativity and inspiration. You can put it to use when you organize experiences for those you love. Whether it’s a date, a fun day out, or a dinner party, you’ll be able to make it entertaining and unforgettable.

Citrine is also great for creating and giving off a positive energy when it’s around. For cancers, you can bring fun with your goofy nature and excellent sense of humor.

Citrine attracts to your solar plexus chakra. For cancers, focusing on this area will help you let go of that angel and negativity you’ve been holding on to. In turn, this will help you to brighten your mood and accept more joy into your life.

5. Opal

Opal is a beautiful stone that aligns with the cancer zodiac. Cancers will feel transformed by the energy that opal brings into their life. This is true if you’ve got a lot of issues that you repressed over the years that need to be addressed.

An opal stone will help you dig deep into your memories and connect with a spiritual sense of self. This gives you a differing understanding of perspective and can help you tackle the issue with emotional clarity. This will prevent you from being triggered by these issues and burying them more profound.

Opal is a subtle stone; its effects are not immediately apparent. You’ll slowly notice a calm, clear focus slowly impacting your life.

6. Rhodonite

Rhodonite is a fantastic crystal if you’re feeling co-dependent on your partner. Cancers are often clingy as they seek stability and security in others to make them feel safe. Yet, this can leave cancer vulnerable to losing themselves by always putting their partner first.

Rhodonite gives energy to self-love and efficacy. By using it, you’ll start to trust yourself and understand that others don’t control your self-worth.

Your sensitive nature can leave you feeling vulnerable. Rhodonite can create grounding energy, making you feel less heightened by your emotions. You’ll recover much quicker from emotional panic or shock.

7. Selenite

Selenite is a crystal that aligns well with cancers. This crystal is named after the moon goddess, the ruling planet of cancers. Your aura will feel immediately cleansed with selenite nearby.

Cancers have a habit of taking on the emotional energy of those around them. This can often overburden them with negativity. Selenite will help you release any energy that is not your own and invite your positive energy to return.

Selenite is ideal for cancers that want to connect more with their spiritual side. This can help you feel more connected to yourself and offer a differing perspective on your issues. It will also bring clarity and focus, mainly if you are used to looking at the issue through rose-tinted glasses.

8. Labradorite

Cancer can be drawn to labradorite crystals. These gems are potent protectors which shield your aura from negativity. This is ideal for cancers that crave security and reassurance.

Labradorite brings inner peace and a natural flow of energy to temperamental cancer. If you find yourself moodier or passive-aggressive, you’ll benefit from using this gemstone.

Labradorite connects to the third eye and throat chakras. This means cancers can call upon your heightened intuition to articulate your emotions with respect and tact. You’ll be able to address your issues without playing mind games.

9. Rainbow Fluorite

Rainbow fluorite is perfect for cancers that are burdened by many worries. This pretty crystal clears a path of positive energy to flow in.

Using rainbow fluorite can help you cleanse all your chakras, unblocking all the negativity. You’ll find that this can bring an extreme sense of relaxation, so you may want to use it when you can rest.

If you’re struggling with issues of lies or deception, then rainbow fluorite can help you seek the truth. This is essential for cancers before you get caught up with someone taking advantage of your good nature.

10. Malachite

Malachite is a good crystal for Cancerians. It’s a stone that gives you an inner strength to draw on. As cancer, this will help you face issues head-on rather than drawing back into your shell while you mull them over.

Malachite is a bit of a badass crystal and will offer you protection from danger and negativity. It will give you the confidence to move forward with that strong sense of security you seek.

Malachite is also a crystal of abundance, especially in your natural love, empathy, and compassion traits. Using this stone will draw these into your life and allow you to express your own without being hurt.

11. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a stone that aligns with the cancer traits of love, compassion, and understanding. You’ll feel immediately comforted by its ability to magnify these energies when you have this stone.

Rose quartz is also an excellent crystal for heartbroken cancers to use. Your sensitivity to emotions can make you want to shut off when your faith in love has been tested. Rose quartz will help you heal and see the good in people again, allowing you to slowly open your heart.

Cancers can be prone to insecurities as they open themselves to the opinion of others. Using a piece of rose quartz can boost your self-confidence and challenge your anxieties about yourself.

12. Red Jasper

Red jasper is an excellent stone for cancers seeking emotional stability. This is a strong grounding crystal that promotes grounding and responsibility. For cancer, these are energies that make them feel secure and comforted.

Using red jasper will dispel that need for you to always want to focus on others. For once, you’ll turn the attention to yourself and work on your self-esteem and confidence. This stone will give you the courage to express yourself without fear of other judgment.

Cancer can use red jasper to explore their sexuality. For Cancers, sex is tied to the emotional connection it creates with your partner. Yet, you can harbor a lot of shame around sex. Red jasper can help you be more open to exploring your desires.

Final thoughts

As cancer, you are compassionate but sometimes to being overemotional and clingy. Yet you’re incredibly nurturing and love to look after people.

Using crystals for Cancers will help you harness your positive energy and reduce the effects of your negative energies. This will help you seek what you desire and be the best version of yourself.

If you have a favorite Cancer crystal, please share it below.

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