Best Crystals for Aries

As an Aries zodiac sign, your headstrong and argumentative nature is where most of your problems stem from.  Healing crystals are great for helping with your troubles. But what are the best crystals for Aries?

Diamonds are the best crystals for Aries. It’s a gemstone representing the signs’ core traits of truth, clarity, and vision. Diamonds help to bring calm energy to the chaotic life of Aries. It brings an energy of focus to make Aries think before they act.

A diamond may be your main crystal, but there are other options too. The right healing crystals have the power to work with your Aries energy and traits.

You were born when the sun was in Aries, which means your birthday is between March 21st and April 19th.

Although you’re skeptical of crystals, you’re also not afraid of jumping in headfirst to learn about new things.

As an Aries, the right crystals will connect with your unique frequency and overcome any obstacles you’re facing.

It may be frustrating if you don’t see immediate results, but you’re not a quitter. So stick with it to let the magic work.

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Crystals for Aries

You’re the zodiac symbolized by the Ram. Aries are independent, passionate, and genuine go-getters.

You can be moody, quick-tempered, and argumentative. Others are either attracted to your big, bold personality or think you’re too much. But really, you don’t care what the haters think anyway.

The best Aries crystals are ones that enhance these natural traits.

Your chosen Aries crystals will enhance your signs’ positive energy and help you counteract your negative energy.

Even if you’re not an Aries zodiac sign, we all benefit from any of these crystals when the sun is in Aries. No matter when you are born, any zodiac sign will experience the positive impacts of these crystals between March 21st and April 19th.

You’ll have a natural affinity to some of these crystals over others. Yet, don’t worry if you don’t feel that instant attraction.

You may need to consider if you were born on a zodiac cusp. This is a period when one zodiac transitions to the next. You may feel more aligned to one of your neighboring signs, so check out those crystals.

If you were born on March 19th-March 25th, you might relate more to Pisces crystals.

If you were born on 18th April-April 22nd, you might connect more to Taurus crystals.

Let’s discover which healing Aries crystals you need to support and balance your energy.

12 Best Crystals for Aries

1. Herkimer Diamond

The crystal you need when you feel like everything around you is on fire is a trusty diamond.

Aries love to be the best, so why not have the closest connection to the most coveted gem.

Diamonds look gorgeous, but they also offer a serene calm to your chaotic life. The crystal clear appearance of the diamond represents its harnessing of clarity, vision, and truth. These are all qualities that connect directly with Aries energy.

Aries relates to the high value of diamonds, and you’re always striving to be the best that you can be. Manifesting abundance in all areas of your life can be aided by keeping diamonds near.

Diamonds connect to the Crown chakra. This means it will help you think clearly when making decisions. Aries will benefit from this as you have a tendency to act before you think, which gets you into trouble.

2. Amethyst

One thing’s for sure, as an Aries, you have the craziest mood swings of all the zodiac.

Amethysts are one of the most potent crystals which can help to stop you from being so quick to anger.

Don’t get me wrong, your fiery energy can be helpful at times, but you don’t need to be so passionate about everything. Amethyst will stabilize your temper and slow your energy flow, giving you time to think before speaking.

Amethyst aligns so well with Aries because it can boost your spiritual intuition. This gives you new insight to explore things from a differing perspective.

3. Aquamarine

As a fire sign, Aries can get hot-headed very quickly. Aquamarine is a water crystal that can counteract those flames.

Being protective is one of your most vital traits. But, you tend to guard everything in your life with an unrelenting inflexibility. Introducing Aquamarine into your life helps you to experience flowing energy. This shows you that you’re less likely to break when you adapt.

Aquamarine can also protect you from being judged, a deep-rooted fear for all Aries. Your energy will change to bring you peace and tranquillity in those trying moments. Rather than exploding, judgmental comments will just roll right off you.

4. Aventurine

Aries sure have a lot of belief in their own abilities, and aventurine can strengthen those positive energies. Those stones will improve your energy for confidence, courage, and taking on new challenges.

Aventurine helps you to radiate positivity, which others love, feel attracted to, and look up to you as a role model. You’re a natural-born leader, so let that energy shine.

Sometimes your bounding energy can be a bit overpowering. Keeping an aventurine crystal close can help you take the edge off you need to always be doing something. That can help you channel that energy into focusing on your goals.

5. Quartz

You have a lot of passion and determination, and usually, nothing can hold you back once you have an idea in your mind. Yet, that can also make you quite selfish and forget to consider others in your plan.

Quartz is the master healing crystal. It helps reign you back a little and be more considerate and empathetic of those around you.

A piece of quartz can also amplify the power of any other Aries crystals. So when you have a particularly trying time ahead, use quartz to help you pause and reassess. This will prevent you from making mistakes that result from being too impulsive.

6. Bloodstone

As an Aries, you like to keep your circles of trusted people to a minimum. You’re incredibly standoffish until you can work someone out and weed out untrustworthy people.

Bloodstone can help you strengthen your ability to detect liars in your midst. This is useful when you’re among a new group of people, such as making new friends or colleagues.

It will also help you be diplomatic in your engagement with them, rather than harshly shutting them down and getting a reputation.

Bloodstone will give you the energy of a warrior. That means your natural ability to show courage and tenacity will be strengthened with a bloodstone nearby. Aries is already highly competitive, but this stone can give you extra mental energy to achieve your goals.

7. Citrine

Aries put a lot of energy into being successful, and citrine can certainly enhance that trait.

Another great property of citrine is that it can purify your body of stress toxins that wreak havoc on your life. So if you’ve been burning the candle at both ends and surviving on fumes and black coffee, you need some citrine in your life.

Citrine has a lot of vibrational energy, similar to the traits of Aries. It enhances positivity, self-esteem, confidence, and enthusiasm. At the same time, it calms those angry and destructive tendencies which can cancel out your good energy.

8. Black Onyx

Aries can be hasty in their actions as you just have that drive to get things done…. NOW! Although that may seem like you’re moving forward, it’s really hindering your progress.

Acting without careful planning can make you use your energy on fruitless tasks. Using the power of black onyx stones, you can create focus while maintaining your determination.

You’re clever and original in your thinking, but your unpredictability can make it hard for others to see your vision. Often this can lead others to take a safer path, which frustrates you. Onyx can prevent that overwhelm you feel in these situations.

Black onyx is connected to your root chakra and will keep you grounded. This is essential to an Aries who works hard but tends to waste energy on needless tasks.

9. Rose Quartz

Aries are full-on and very feisty when it comes to love. Rose quartz can help to bring a softness to that Aries intensity.

When it comes to romantic communication, you’re a person of few words. But, when you do speak, you can be pretty direct. You may think your intentions are clear, but they can be harsh and unloving. Having rose quartz close can bring more affection to your interactions.

Aries can be highly untrusting, especially in matters of love. Although this protects you from harm, it also erodes your ability to be loved when others can meet your impossibly high standards. Rose quartz can offer you protection in love, which allows you to bring down those walls, even if just a little.

10. Red Jasper

Red Jasper is a crystal that has a high affinity with Aries. IT creates a sense of comfort as it can match their energy for endurance.

As a highly motivated person, having a stone that gives a boost to achieve your passions will rocket you to success. Red Jasper connects to your root chakra, so it will keep you grounded in your endeavors.

11. Lapis Lazuli

Aries are people of few words, yet your close observations mean you often have a lot of wisdom to share with others.

Lapis lazuli is an excellent crystal that can help you to improve your communication skills. You’ll come across as less severe when you talk and will be able to express your emotions much better. That will ultimately help you to deepen your connections.

Lapis Lazuli can also help to improve your spiritual intuition. It works by opening up your eyes to the truth and giving you more clarity on issues that have knocked your confidence.

As one of the oldest spiritual stones, lapis lazuli can help others relate to you and make you feel much more understood.

12. Howlite

Howlite is amazing for Aries as it connects to the crown and root chakras. This helps clear blockages at both the bottom and top of your body.

Howlite is the crystal to have if you’re an Aries that struggles with sleep issues. This is common for Aries as your brain works at a million miles an hour, and it’s sometimes hard to switch off. Keep some howlite at your bedside to improve sleep.

This is one cool stone to keep around with its energy to calm and soothe your angry temperament. Howlite will relieve that pressure if you’ve been losing your head frequently.

Final thoughts

As an Aries, you are strong-minded and independent, sometimes to the point of being stubborn and selfish. But you’re loyal to the core, and you get things done.

Using crystals to Aries will help you harness your positive energy and reduce the effects of your negative energies. This will help you smash your life goals and be the best version of yourself.

If you’re an Aries, share what crystals you’ve found work best for you in the comments below.

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