Best Crystals for Pisces

As a Pisces zodiac sign, you have a selfless and sympathetic nature. Yet, this can leave your emotions exposed and under-attacked. Crystals can give you that much-needed spiritual guidance you’re seeking. But what are the best crystals for Pisces?

Aquamarine is the best crystal for Pisces to use for healing. The water element stone has a special affinity with Pisces due to its powerful calming effects. Aquamarine brings focus and clarity to Pisces’ emotions when feeling overwhelmed. Pisces should use this stone to enhance positive traits of empathy, compassion, and kindness.

Aquamarine is your primary healing crystal, yet there are many other options. It would help if you had crystals that connect to your natural Pisces energy and traits.

You were born when the sun was in Pisces, which means your birthday is between February 19th and March 20th.

As the final sign of the Zodiac, you are the most spiritual sign of all. This means your heart is open to the power of healing crystals. You already have faith that they can help you work through the issues making your life feel so chaotic.

That’s why you need Pisces crystals that will support you.

Your spiritual nature is open to letting crystals work their magic on you. Feeling connected is your passion, and connecting to your crystals is vital to making them work with your unique personality.

best crystals for pisces

Crystals for Pisces

You’re the zodiac symbolized by two fish. Pisces are sensitive, romantic, and compassionate.

You can be fearful, naive, and a daydreamer. Others are either attracted to your open heart and generosity. You always put others before yourself, which often gets taken advantage of.

Certain crystals will suit your Pisceans traits better than others. You need to choose Piscean crystals that will vibe with your natural characteristics.

The crystal you choose as a Pisces should enhance your positive traits and protect you from negative energy.

Even if you’re not a Pisces zodiac sign, these crystals can benefit you at the time of year when the sun is in Pisces. These crystals can be used by all zodiac signs during this time to harness your spirituality and become more empathic and creative.

You’ll naturally be drawn to some crystals more than others. But don’t worry if you don’t feel an instant connection with any crystals on this list.

Instead, you may want to consider if you were born on a cusp. This is a short period when zodiac signs transition to the next. You may align more to a connecting sign so check them out too.

If you were born on 17th-20th February, you might relate more to Aquarius crystals.

If you were born 19th-25th March, you might click more to Aries Crystals.

Let’s discover which healing Piscean crystals you need for your collection.

12 Best Crystals for Pisces

1. Aquamarine

Without a doubt, aquamarine is the most powerful stone for Pisces energy.

Aquamarine is your birthstone because of its ability to bring calm into your life and reduce stress.

As a compassionate soul, you’ll have an affinity with aquamarines’ ability to calm your mind.

Being a Pisces makes you absorb the energy and emotions of all those around you. Although this makes you empathetic and caring, it can also feel overwhelmed with responsibility.

Both Pisces and aquamarine are water elements. This creates a strong connection for cleansing and harnessing clarity with your emotions.

Using aquamarine crystals when meditating will align with your throat chakra. This will aid you with communicating clearly and with confidence.

2. Amethyst

An amethyst crystal is a great all-rounder. But it’s another birthstone for Pisces signs which means you’re more likely to have an affinity with amethyst.

The reason Pisces signs align with amethyst so well is due to its ability to strengthen your spirituality and intuition. Amethyst will instantly make you feel more at one with yourself and harness the power to do some honest soul searching.

Amethyst will make you a bit more logical than emotional with your actions as a stone relating to the crown chakra. This emotional grounding is essential for an empathetic Piscean like you.

Your good nature often gets taken advantage of, and amethyst can offer you protection from this.

3. Rose Quartz

One thing’s for sure, as a Pisces, you are an old-school romantic. So what’s more perfect for you than rose quartz, the stone of love.

You have a strong sense of giving and receiving love, often leaving you broken-hearted. Rose quartz can help you to release that negativity and restore your ability for self-love and appreciation.

Rose quartz is a stone that connects to your heart chakra. It’s best used when you struggle to work through difficult emotions or traumas. This crystal can help you heal from the pain, fears, and feelings of inadequacy you are prone to when in love.

4. Moonstone

Pisces are dreamers, but this can also mean you live with your head in the clouds and not in reality. Moonstone is a crystal that can help you bring you back to reality. You get the best of both worlds by taking perspective from both sides.

Taking on the emotions of others can be highly trying for Pisces. So much that it can destabilize your own feelings. Harnessing the powers of moonstone will bring balance and protect you from the negative impact of this trait.

Moonstone is a divine feminine energy that Pisces seek. You need to feel the power of unconditional love and understanding. The moonstone will bring this energy into your life.

Using moonstone to manifest will help you connect with your crown chakra. Its energy will help support you when making changes in your life.

5. Carnelian

Pisces are creative souls, and using carnelian crystals can help you harness new ideas and bring them to reality.

As a low energy sign, you can often feel lackluster with low motivation. Keeping a carnelian stone close by can boost your energy levels and drive you to achieve.

Carnelian is an excellent stone to use to harness energy for your career. It can help you be courageous and show signs of leadership that don’t come naturally to you.

Linked to the sacral chakra, carnelian can help bring more balance to relationships and aid sexuality. It will unblock any feelings of co-dependency or emotional overwhelm.

6. Quartz

Quartz is known as the master healing stone. Pisces can definitely benefit from its powers to clear negativity. You’ll be familiar with this trait of taking on too much from other people.

Pisces often carry a lot of childhood trauma due to their ability to hold onto emotions. Clear quartz can be used to heal from the pain and fears you need to work through.

As a crystal connected to the crown chakra, it helps to add balance to your mind. It allows you to think clearly and look inward to pinpoint the areas you need to address.

Quartz helps you align the rest of your chakras. This means that regardless of the problem in your life, the quartz can help restore balance for you.

7. Blue Lace Agate

Peace and serenity are two states of mind that are incredibly positive for Pisceans to achieve. Blue lace agate will block the anxiety and overthinking that brings stress to your daily life.

As a dreamer, you will instantly feel an affinity with this beautiful stone. It’s one you need to add to your collection if you want to reach a higher level of consciousness or connect with spirit guides.

Blue agate is connected to your Throat chakra. Keeping one nearby helps with communication. Especially if you’re struggling to express your true feelings or opinions. This may be when talking to others or addressing negative self-talk.

8. Fluorite

As the most emotional of the zodiacs, Pisceans benefit immensely from a fluorite crystal. Both green and rainbow fluorite can create balance and block negative thoughts.

Fluorite is like a vacuum cleaner that will clear away negative energy around you. As a Pisces, you’ll know that you tend to hang onto that emotional baggage much longer than any other sign.

You have a tendency to put the emotions of others before your own. This can lead you to be easily manipulated in many areas of your life. Fluorite can help protect you against this and increase your confidence to stand up to those taking advantage of your good nature.

Fluorite connects to your third eye chakra. That means you’ll see many benefits by using it to clear your mind when you feel overwhelmed.

9. Turquoise

As a sign under Neptune, Pisceans strongly connect with turquoise that conducts its planetary energy. Turquoise benefits Pisces mentally, physically, and spiritually.

A piece of turquoise can support Pisces by enhancing your positive traits and balancing your negative characteristics. Mainly it offers balance and alignment to your life, bringing calm when your life feels hectic.

Turquoise can also block negativity which is a trait that can build quickly as a Pisces. Your energy flow will be enhanced and bring clarity to your purpose.

By connecting with all your chakras, you’ll also improve your romantic relationships. You can use it to address issues caused by poor communication.

10. Amazonite

As a Pisces, you’re the most sensitive of the zodiac. This can mean that you become very stressed and nervous when things are out of control. Amazonite can help to soothe your nervous system.

Amazonite is perfect for connecting with your throat and heart chakras. This opens up your connection to love and communication. This combination aligns with Pisces’ deep desire for love and understanding.

Amazonite can give you the courage you need to meet challenges. This is true if you’re experiencing confrontation or fear of judgment difficulties.

11. Calcite

If you feel that you have a lot of pent-up negative energy at the end of each day, then calcite is your answer. This often happens when you think you’re not getting back the emotional support you’re giving to others.

Calcite can help you connect your spiritual intuition with your physical body. Use it for drive and motivation, which puts your creative mind into action.

For Pisces, a feeling of belonging is vital to achieving a fulfilled life. Calcite targets the lower chakras that will keep you grounded and connected to the world. This helps others create a connection with you if you’ve ever been told you’re flaky or too much of a daydreamer.

12. Labradorite

As a Pisces, you often need to be protected from the negative energy that gets you down. Labradorite can help shield you from taking on the worries of others as your own. Without that pressure, you get an enhanced sense of security.

Labradorite can increase your sense of joy and enthusiasm. This can free you to tap into your intuition and follow your inner guidance.

Labradorite is an excellent crystal to have around if you’re a Pisces looking to change your life. You’ll be supported with the energy to have confidence in your transformation.

Final Thoughts

As a Pisces, you are the sign most attuned to your own emotions and others around you. This makes you go to great lengths to keep everyone happy. You don’t always recognize the negative impact this has on your own physical and emotional health.

Using healing crystals that connect with your Piscean traits will help you. You’ll become fulfilled mentally, physically, and spiritually.

If you use any of these crystals and see the positive changes in your life, please share your experiences below.

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