Best Crystals for Libra

As a Libra zodiac sign, your indecisive and self-indulgent nature are often the sources of issues in your life. Healing crystals can help you get rid of negative energy and provide you with guidance. But what are the best Crystals for Libra?

Opal is the best crystal for Libra. This is a gemstone that represents Libra’s core strengths of balance and beauty. Opal can harness the power of light and bring clarity to emotional issues. It can be used by Libra when they are feeling detached from a situation.

Opal is your primary healing crystal, yet there are other options you can choose from. You need crystals that connect to your natural Libra energy and traits.

You were born when the sun was in Libra, which means your birthday is between 22nd September and 23rd October.

As a Libra, you feel a profound connection to your spirituality. You are well aware of the powers that healing crystals can bring into your life. You know the energy they bring is transformational.

Your keen eye will initially attract you to a crystal and then you’ll feel an overwhelming alignment with the right stone.

best crytals for libra

Crystals for Libra

You’re the zodiac ruled by the Scales. Libra is diplomatic, rational, and outgoing when it comes to all areas of life.

You can be indecisive, flighty, and quite vain. Others are attracted to your charming and outgoing personality and the fact that you’re extremely thoughtful.

The best crystals for Libra are ones that align with these natural traits.

The Libra crystals you choose will intensify your positive traits and offset your negative energy.

Even if you’re not a Libra sign, these can benefit any zodiac during the Libra season. Between September 22nd and October 23rd these crystals can be useful to anyone wishing to manifest their properties.

It’s only natural to have one or two crystals catch your eye straight away. But don’t worry if there are no crystals that jump out at you.

If this is the case, consider if you are born on a cusp. This is a few days in the month when one zodiac adjusts to the next. You may feel you align better with neighboring zodiac crystals instead.

If you were born 19th-25th September you may relate more to Virgo crystals.

If you were born 19th-26th October you may relate more to Scorpio Crystals.

Let’s look at what healing crystals can benefit you right now.

12 Best Crystals for Libra

1. Opal

Opal is the main birthstone for Libra due to its ability to create balance in their life. Libras will align with Opal’s ability to bring an energy of objectivity and diplomacy to issues.

The fact that Opal has a luxurious and enchanting appearance is also very attractive to Libras. These dances of light as the crystal moves promote youthfulness. With opal, you’ll feel like you have the world at your feet.

Opals connect to the crown chakra. Consider using opal if you’re experiencing poor coordination, confusion, and increasing frustration. Unblocking this chakra with opal will bring you a sense of clarity, focus, and peace.

2. Lapis lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is an ideal crystal for Libras experiencing conflict. It is a powerful stone that helps you to confront the issues instead of avoiding the situation and detaching yourself.

As a Libra, you can sometimes have a tendency to lie to save the feelings of others. Whilst this saves you at the moment, it does harm in the long term. Using Lapis lazuli will help you to speak the truth with confidence and tact.

Lapis lazuli connects to the throat chakra. Consider using lapis lazuli if you experience imbalances in communication, and indecision of gossiping about others.  Unblocking the throat chakra will bring honesty, authenticity, and clear expression.

3. Aventurine

Aventurine is an amazing crystal choice for Libras who are feeling indecisive. By nature, you like to see both sides of a story, yet this can leave you paralyzed by decision. Aventurine can help you gain confidence in your decisions.

Libra loves the finer things in life and aventurine is a stone that can bring an energy of opportunity and prosperity. It’s a crystal that promotes sophistication and elegance, so will ward off negative energy which makes you come across as vain or snobbish.

Aventurine connects to the heart chakra. If you’re experiencing issues with entitlement, jealousy, or neediness, then consider using aventurine. Unblocking the heart chakra with aventurine will help you to feel inner peace, love, and compassion.

4. Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a powerful healing crystal for Libra. It’s a stone that helps to neutralize negative energy, especially if you’re a Libra experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety. Tourmaline is a protective crystal.

As a Libra, you can sometimes be caught up with lofty ideas of those around you for fear of missing out. Using black tourmaline can help you to ground and center yourself to create a balance in your life. It’s the crystal you need especially if you feel you’re burning the candle at both ends.

Black tourmaline connects to the root chakra. If you’re experiencing instability, insecurity, or exhaustion, then consider using black tourmaline. Balancing this chakra with tourmaline will help you to feel more stable, empowered, and present with those around you.

5. Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a stone that has a natural affinity with Libra’s core traits of harmony and fairness. Libra feel most at peace when their physical, mental, and emotional energies are balanced. Aquamarine can manifest this energy.

Libra will love the calm sense that washes over them when using aquamarine. This stone has the ability to rid you of stress and anger. In turn, this will allow you to look at where you need to heal.

Aquamarine connects to the throat chakra. If you’re experiencing a lot of fear, frustration and feeling ignored, then consider using aquamarine. Balancing this chakra with aquamarine will bring you self-confidence and feelings of calm.

6. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is an amazing crystal for Libras who are hopeless romantics. Libras are well known for their love of love. As the stone of love, Libras will naturally be attracted to rose quartz.

As a Libra, you throw your all into your romantic relationships. You take love very seriously and can fall quick and hard and really like to commit yourself. Yet this can make you lose all your sensibility. Rose quartz can help you to heal from a relationship that has made you lose your sense of self.

Rose quartz connects to the heart chakra. If you’re experiencing feelings of heartache, trauma or emotionally drained, then rose quartz can help you to heal. Unblocking your heart chakra will bring back feelings of trust, compassion, and unconditional love.

7. Moonstone

Moonstone is a strong healing crystal for Libra. This stone can help to bring softening feminine energy to your masculine zodiac energy. It’s the balance between both that Libras align with and embody that divine goddess energy.

Libra can find it difficult to look inside and tackle deep issues that are causing you emotional pain. This tendency to be self-pitying can stop you from seeing the bigger picture. Moonstone can help you stabilize your emotions and work towards a new beginning of personal growth and strength.

Moonstone connects to the crown chakra. Consider using moonstone if you’re experiencing issues with imbalance, isolation, and confusion. Unblocking the crown chakra with moonstone will help Libra to experience clarity, inner wisdom, and focus.

8. Turquoise

Turquoise is a healing crystal that resonates with Libra. It’s a powerful crystal that can bring an energy of balance and harmony back to troubled Libras. It’s a great stone to choose if you’re feeling emotionally out of sync.

If you’re seeking a high spiritual connection then turquoise is a great stone to use. Turquoise will connect your physical and spiritual energies. It will amplify your intuition and give insight from a different perspective.

Turquoise connects to the throat chakra. If you are experiencing issues with confrontation and conflict, using turquoise can help to release these issues. Unblocking the throat chakra with turquoise will improve your communication skills and express your true feelings.

9. Labradorite

Labradorite is a great crystal for diplomatic Libras. The problem with being a natural peace maker is that you try to avoid confrontation at all costs. Putting off difficult conversations often makes issues worse. Labradorite can give you the courage to voice your opinion of a challenging situation.

If you’re a Libra who is feeling emotionally drained then labradorite it the stone for you. This crystal will rejuvenate your energy and take the weight of the world off your shoulders. You’ll feel a burst of motivation and want to take on new challenges.

Labradorite connects to the throat and the third eye chakras. Consider using labradorite if you’re experiencing poor memory, trouble concentrating, and suppressing feelings. Unblocking these chakras with labradorite will help you to harness clarity, truth, and creativity.

10. Bloodstone

Bloodstone is the ideal crystal for Libra who is sensitive to the opinions of others. The thought of being left out, or others not liking you can be a major stress in your life. Bloodstone will help you to banish those fears of being abandoned or rejected by those close to you.

Using a bloodstone crystal is highly effective during intense periods of emotional turmoil, such as a loss or separation. It will calm your senses, absorbs some of your pain, and help you to get much-needed rest.

Bloodstone connects to the sacral chakra. Bring bloodstone into your life if you experience issues with commitment, shame, or betrayal. Unblocking your sacral chakra with a bloodstone will help you to become more open, creative, and optimistic.

11. Tigers eye

Tigers eye is a crystal that aligns with Libra’s fun-loving and charming traits. It’s one that will bring lots of positive vibes into your life as well as good fortune. If prosperity is what you’re after, then tiger’s eye is what you need.

Libra will love tigers eye for the protection it brings them. By keeping away bad energy it helps you to manifest clarity and insight into toxic situations in your life.

Tigers eye connects to the solar plexus chakra. If you’re experiencing low energy, demotivation, or are being overly critical then consider using tigers eye to guide you. Unblocking your solar plexus chakra will help you feel empowered, driven, and more willing to collaborate with others.

12. Citrine

Citrines are another powerful healing crystal that will bring joy and happiness to Libra. As a healing crystal, the properties of citrine align perfectly with the Libra zest for life.

Citrine is the best crystal to use if you want to manifest abundance and opportunities in your life. This will help you to live a life of spontaneity and luxury that you adore. But more importantly whilst using your creativity and confidence to get there.

Citrine connects to the solar plexus chakra. If you find your self-worth dwindling and negativity creeping into your life, then use citrine. Unblocking your solar plexus chakra with citrine will boost your confidence and the power to be your true self.

Final thoughts

As a Libra, you’re level-headed and outgoing, but this need to keep people happy can leave you running from your problems. Yet you’re extremely thoughtful and sweet to people you care for.

Using crystals for Libras will help you to harness your positive energy and balance your negative energies. That will help you to focus on what you need to do to achieve whatever you put your mind to.

If you have a favorite Libra crystal let us know in the comments below.

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