Root Chakra Crystals

There are seven major chakra energy centers within your body. These chakras align down the spine connecting to your physical emotional and spiritual states. Healing crystals are a great way to manifest chakra energy. So what are the best healing crystals for the root chakra?

Many powerful crystals associate with the root chakra. This includes red jasper, bloodstone, sardonyx, shiva lingam, and mookaite. The root chakra mainly aligns with red healing crystals. These stones connect with the root chakra in matters of survival.

Keep reading if you want to discover healing crystals for the root chakra. This guide will take you through the 12 best crystals to use. We’ll also discuss why crystals are ideal for supporting the root chakra and the most effective ways to use them.

root chakra crystals

The Root Chakra

The root chakra, or Muladhara, is your body’s first energy center. It can also be referred to as the base chakra. Its position is at the base of your spine or more specifically at the perineum.

The root chakra is the foundation of the whole chakra system. Without a good root chakra foundation, you impact the stability of all the chakras higher up.

The purpose of the root chakra is to ensure your survival. In this energy lies all your basic needs such as food, water, shelter, rest, and belonging.

The root chakra connect to our vulnerabilities as humans. Safety and security are our main goals. Family issues and prosperity and major issues associated with this chakra energy.

Your root chakra gives you a sensation of being grounded and well cared for. When you can meet your basic needs without fear or worry, then you have a good foundation for the energy of the higher chakras.

Our modern lives are impacting more and more on our ability to align our root chakra. Financial worries, lack of good housing, global disease and war all leave worry about the future of the world.

Add to this technology which separates us from our natural world. At the same time impacting our boundaries to step away from information or people who make us feel unsafe and fearful. The root chakra requires constant maintenance in a modern world.

Let’s look at the best healing crystals to open your root Chakra and connect with your survival energy.

12 best root chakra crystals

1. Red jasper

One of the most powerful crystals for the root chakra is red jasper. This stone is a supreme nurturer and will provide you with protection in difficult situations.

Red jasper is amazing for helping to rectify problems before they become overwhelming. It gives a fast acting energy and gets to the root of a problem quickly. You’ll also gain confidence in boundary setting to ensure your future safety.

Red jasper connects strongly with the root chakra. It’s excellent for promoting independence and taking on responsibility for yourself.

Use red jasper as a healing crystal for endurance, dream recall, and quick thinking.

Red Jasper affirmation: I am nurtured by mother earth.

2. Fire agate

If you’re going through an extremely difficult time then fire agate is a good crystal choice. This stone is extremely grounding and will bring you energy of safety and security.

Fire agate is a stone that offers a unique protective ability. It can deflect any ill wishes back to the perpetrator and make them reflect on the negative energy they have inflicted.

This stone keeps you safe from people who wish you harm. This includes destructive desires which causes self-harm.

Fire agate connects mainly with the root chakra. Yet its energy can entwine with all other chakras to stimulate their vitality.

Use fire agate as a healing crystal for addictions, negative people, and safety.

Firestone affirmation: I am here and I am safe.

3. Red aventurine

Red aventurine is known to be a stone of deep guidance. You’ll feel an energy of perseverance and commitment to create stability in your life.

Red aventurine offers a strong protection in the modern world. It can absorb negative energy from electrical equipment which impacts your ability to rest with ease.

Red aventurine connects with the root chakra. You’ll feel your universal life force energy is amplified. This means you’ll experience an overall sense of ease in your wellbeing and life experiences.

Use red aventurine as a healing crystal for guidance, positivity, and prosperity.

Red aventurine affirmation: I am immersed in abundance.

4. Bloodstone

Bloodstone is an extremely protective stone that enhances your feeling of security. It heightens your intuition against dangerous situations and influences. You’ll instinctively know how to withdraw to keep yourself as safe as possible.

Bloodstone can heighten your senses, and it can even give off a subtle sound to alert you to nearby danger. It can also tell chaos of transformation apart from anarchy leave you without a stable foundation.

Bloodstone connects with the root and the heart chakras. This combination allows grounding energy to circulate. This reduces the negative impact of uncontrolled primal emotions such as anger and fear.

Use bloodstone as a healing crystal for bad influences, detoxification and fears.

Bloodstone affirmation: I am protected and guided in the world.

5. Red Banded agate

Red banded agate is a powerful guardian stone. It’s a crystal that encourages you to use your energy wisely. You’ll get the most out of life by conserving energy for vital tasks first.

Red banded agate is a great stone for exploring with the wonderment of a child. It sparks curiosity and questioning and opens you up to a possibility of a better life. It’s one to consider if you’re finding you are stuck in your ways.

Red banded agate connects to the root chakra. It’s an amazing crystal to use when seeking a strong and stable partnership. You’ll emit feelings of warmth and positivity in your future together.

Use red banded agate as a healing crystal for low energy, possibilities, and seeking fulfillment.

Red banded agate affirmation: I embrace change.

6. Red tiger’s eye

If you are lacking motivation due to low energy then try red tiger’s eyes. This stone is highly stimulating and combats lethargy.

Red tiger’s eye is ideal for improving your assertiveness skills. Its power is in use in familial and romantic relationships. It ensures you maintain healthy relationships with strong connections. This prevents toxicity which threatens the essence of your stability and safety.

Red tiger’s eye has a vibrational resonance with the root and sacral chakra. The flow between these chakras allows fear to be dispelled to help you go after your passions.

Use red tiger’s eye as a healing crystal for energy, sensuality, and boundary setting.

Red tiger’s eye affirmation: I love my body and trust its wisdom.

7. Mahogany obsidian

Mahogany obsidian is a crystal that brings strength in time of need. It absorbs negative energy and replaces it with a soothing earth vibration.

Mahogany obsidian helps to strengthen you against repeated attacks. This can be from an issue that persists with threatening your safety and stability. Think of that which drains your energy or disregards your boundaries.

Mahogany obsidian connects with the sacral and root chakras. This provides you with the foundation on which to pursue your own needs. It also helps to build up confidence in yourself to improve your life.

Use mahogany obsidian as a healing crystal for toxic relationships, hard times, and moving on.

Mahogany obsidian affirmation: My boundaries help me honor myself

8. Strawberry quartz

Strawberry quartz is an amazing stone for finding your true purpose in life. If you’ve been feeling like you’ve lost your way, this crystal will give inspiration.

As a quartz stone, the energy you tap into will be guided by the divine and connects to your core being. Your uncertainty will no longer be able to hold you back.

Strawberry quartz connects deeply with the root and the heart chakras. These two chakras allow love to fill our lives creating strong bonds and companionship. Nurturing love is vital for your need to feel like you belong in the world.

Use strawberry quartz as a healing crystal for finding your tribe, purpose, and nurture.

Strawberry quartz affirmation: I am worthy of unconditional love and acceptance

9. Sardonyx

If you’ve been going down a wrong path in life then you need some sardonyx energy. This stone harnesses integrity and promotes virtue and morals. It can also protect you from those who want to cause you harm.

Sardonyx is excellent for promoting you within relationships and friendships. It attracts positive people who you want to have around and provides support in your times of need.

Sardonyx aligns with the root chakra. This stone provides you with stimulation and opens your perception to the realities of what is around you. It’s particularly protective if you are perceived as naive or gullible.

Use sardonyx as a healing crystal for protection from crime, marriage, and improving perception.

Sardonyx affirmation: I recognize the stability in my life

10. Garnet

Garnet is a powerful stone of regeneration. It cleanses and reenergizes after hard times. You’ll feel like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Garnet is a stone of loyalty and commitment. It’s a crystal to keep around if you’ve have experiences with cheating in your previous relationships. Your ability to trust will be strengthened and you’ll know your worth so you are not treated with disrespect.

Garent connects with the root chakra. It’s a stone highly recommended for when a traumatic event has rocked your survival, safety, or stability in life. It strengthens your survival instincts and inspires courage and hope when all you feel is despair.

Use garnet as a healing crystal for adversity, hopelessness, and regeneration.

Garnet affirmation: I am strong and will not lose hope.

11. Shiva lingam

Shiva lingam is a stone which harnesses the power of male and female energy as a complete self. This is the energy it brings to your life, to make you feel at one and whole.

Shiva lingam is particularly great for those seeking peace and harmony in their root energy. It’s a stone of activation, unification, and transformation. You’ll enjoy making changes with ease and without fear.

Shiva lingam activates the energy root chakra, yet it filterer into each chakra up the spine as they open one by one. The unity of energy allows you to understand the true healing power of balancing the energy in the first chakra.

Use Shiva lingam as a healing crystal for transformation, exploration and twin flames.

Shiva lingam affirmation: I seek to understand

12. Mookaite

Mookaite is an excellent stone for choosing a direction in life. It lays out all the options and then helps to guide you in a direction that most aligns with your core being.

The bold red against the calm yellow emits the energy of life force within the stable body. It promotes you to tap into your instincts and be guided by what mother earth has designated as your life’s purpose.

Mookaite connects with the root and solar plexus chakras. It can be used for self-reflection to get to the bottom of what fears are holding you back or causing you to procrastinate. It will open you up to a gut feeling and knowing the answer.

Use mookaite as a healing crystal for procrastination, making big decisions, and strong emotions.

Mookaite affirmation: I love my body and trust its wisdom.

Why use Crystals for your root chakra?

Healing crystals emit energies that can be pulled into the chakras. When you choose crystals that have properties that align with the root chakra, you have the power to cause an energy shift.

That means that healing crystals can be used to create free-flowing chakra energy. The crystals’ energy is then absorbed by your body to maintain physical and emotional health.

Chakra stones will help you adjust the imbalances caused by issues related to your core self.

A blocked root chakra often results in:

  • Insecurity
  • Fear
  • Neglect
  • Tension
  • Detachment
  • Exhaustion
  • Money issues

These are just a handful of behavior and emotions you can show with an imbalance in your root energy.

You need to do the work to shift the blockages in this chakra.

Meditation is an excellent way to focus on shifting the energy in the root chakra. Healing crystals can also help to manipulate the energy flowing in and out of the first chakra to heal faster.

How to use root chakra stones

Healing crystals can be used in many ways to align with your root chakra.

These are some ways you can get the most out of using the crystals recommended above:

  1. Meditate with the root chakra stones in your presence. Doing so in nature can help deepen the connection.
  2. Physically place your chosen chakra stones just below your lower spine or below your genitals as you lay flat. Doing this is best as you perform breath work to connect to your root chakra.
  3. Wear the crystals on your body. The best way to do this is to use a piece of jewelry with a healing crystal. You can also place them in your purse or pockets.
  4. Decorate your home or workspace with your chosen healing crystals.
  5. Visualize beams of bright red light connecting the crystals to your lower spine as you hold them.
  6. Keep a crystal close during a massage or walking barefooted. These activities amplify the root chakra energy surrounding you.
  7. Repeat affirmations as you hold the crystals.

Creating a habit of these daily practices will help you maintain a balanced root chakra. You’ll strengthen your connection with life and survival.

Final thoughts

The root chakra is an essential physical energy center for your body. It gives us that ability to survive and cling to life. Without strong root energy, the higher chakras cannot be fully utilized in life.

Using healing crystals can bring alignment and allows an energy flow to restore balance to the root chakra. You’ll be able to harness the power of the healing crystal energy to bring feelings of stability and security as a solid foundation on which to build.

Introduce crystal healing practices into your life with simple daily habits. This will help you to maintain a balance root chakra and reach your highest potential.

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