12 Meanings The Fool Tarot Card Upright {General Reading}

If you’ve recently pulled the upright Fool tarot card, there are many interpretations that could apply to your current situation.

A tarot card deck is a powerful tool for self-reflection and personal growth. When made sense of properly, the meanings behind each card can be deeply insightful.

The Fool card is usually the major arcana’s first card (0). In this position, it proceeds The Magician. Yet, some decks have the fool as the last card of the major arcana and number 22 (XXII). In these decks, it follows after The World.

In the Rider Waite deck, the Fool card typically depicts a youthful figure walking toward the edge of a cliff. The image suggests being open to new possibilities and embracing a sense of adventure and spontaneity.

upright fool tarot card meaning general reading

How to use this tarot guide

This guide will explore 12 possible meanings of an upright Fool tarot card pull. It will help you interpret the powerful message of this symbol.

Before you continue, you’ll need to consider if your card is in the reversed (upside down) position. If it is, head over to our guide on the meaning behind the Fool reversed instead.

Read over each meaning and note those you feel intuitively drawn to. Consider how the message resonates with your current situation.

These meanings explore some of the concepts revealed within the symbols of the Fool tarot card.

If you’re a beginner, these can help guide you through your reading.

Or even if you’re a more advanced reader, they can give a different perspective to how you view the fool card.

This isn’t an exhaustive list. It’s ok if you interpret a different meaning from your reading.

I’d always encourage you to go with your gut feeling about the card’s message. And if you’ve pulled more than one card, the combination of the other cards will give more detail.

Relevance to Your Reading

This tarot guide is for the general meanings of the fool card in the upright position. This means you didn’t have a specific focus or question for spirit at the start of your reading.

If you want guidance on the fool for a specific intention, then you can check out my other tarot guides for more detail:

Let’s get started.

The Fool Card As Advice

The general message of the fool card is that significant changes are coming, and you to ‘go for it’.

Think outside the box and be open to any possibility. Fear is trying to hold you back, but you need to take the leap; otherwise, you’ll stagnate.

Enjoy the journey as it happens rather than focusing only on the outcome or the destination. If you don’t, life will pass you by.

Happiness will come from releasing yourself from expectations and embracing your curiosity.

12 Meanings of the Fool Card Upright

1. Beginnings

Seeing the fool card upright indicates that now is an opportune time for a new beginning. A fresh start could be exactly what you need at this point in your life.

The fool is a sign that you need to leave the baggage of your past behind and permit yourself to move on. This is a chance for you to start over and create the life you want to live.

The thought of leaving loved ones, places, or things behind may be filling you with anxiety. Yet, the fool is telling you that this new start will work out well for you.

The fool isn’t promising that this journey will be easy, but it will help you grow.

2. Innocence

The fool tarot card indicates that you are approaching a situation with innocent eyes. The benefit of this is that you experience the joy of learning something for the first time.

You’re seeing the world through a child’s eyes, and this is letting you observe things in a very fresh way. Being curious allows you to seek knowledge, new ideas, and solutions that improve your life.

The fool reminds you that you’re free from preconceived notions and open to new ideas and experiences.  This sense of wonder and excitement is something you’ll experience less and less as you go through life.

3. Freedom

Pulling the fool card upright can signify that you’re about to benefit from unlimited freedom. The freedom to do what you want, when you want.

Now is the time to pursue your dreams and goals without restriction. The fool card is a sign that no one is going to be able to stop you from achieving what you’re focused on.

You’re even free from your own fears.

The fool card advises you to use this freedom wisely to create your own destiny. Use it to your advantage, but remember that hasty decisions can have long-lasting consequences.

4. Originality

The fool tarot card can hint that you must take an original approach to an issue. As the zero card, it tells that you’re a blank slate with which you can display your creative and innovative thinking.

Ditch the fear of failure, criticism, and expectations. The fool encourages you to leave your comfort zone and try something new. The self-confidence you’ll gain from taking risks will be invaluable.

If you’re already a bit alternative, the fool reminds you that your originality won’t always be appreciated. Partraveling

Only you can decide if going against the grain is worth it.

5. Adventure

If you see the fool in your tarot reading, it might mean that you’re about to take a trip or go on an adventure of some sort.

You’ve got big plans for the future, and you’re excited about them. This could mean traveling to far-off lands or starting a new career path.

But it also applies to inner journeys as well.

The Fool tarot card upright encourages you to move beyond your comfort zone. Seek out experiences that are inspiring, exciting, and unlike anything you’ve done before.

Going on adventures can open you up to a whole new way of thinking.

6. Growth

The Fool tarot card is often associated with being a fool by making silly decisions. Yet this card reminds you that you need to take risks and embrace life with an open heart.

When you pull this card, you are encouraged to find strength in your own courage. Recognize that making mistakes is okay, as it’s how you learn and grow.

The Fool is the card that inspires you to think outside of the box and be fearless in your actions. You’ll never know what can be possible when you stay within your comfort zone.

The fool knows that pushing new ideas forward can be difficult. But it sends you the message that you’d be foolish not to.

7. Spontaneous

The upright meaning of the fool card can be interpreted as a sign that it’s time for a spontaneous change in your life. Spontaneity adds excitement and enthusiasm to life.

If you’ve been stuck in a rut or life feels mundane, then the fool card tells you to do something spontaneous. It can help break up the monotony and add variety to your life.

Spontaneous decisions can lead to unexpected outcomes. This can be extremely positive for your mental health. It can give hope that there are better things out there.

And even if it doesn’t work out, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from your mistake. At least you’ll have a funny story to tell people in the future.

8. Carefree

Pulling the upright fool can suggest that you should adopt a carefree attitude. A light-hearted approach releases you from worries and stress. Particularly in situations, you have no control over.

The Fool reminds us not to take life too seriously but instead embrace each day with an open heart and mind. Constantly being in a stressed-out frame of mind will harm you physically and emotionally.

The Fool’s message is optimism and hope for those willing to surrender their fears and let go into the unknown.

You can open yourself up to seemingly impossible possibilities by tapping into this carefree energy.

9. Optimism

The Fool Tarot card can signify optimism in the face of uncertainty or difficult decisions. You have it within you to decide if you let a situation get you down or see it as a learning opportunity for experience and growth.

The fool advises you that happy people aren’t free from hardship. Yet they have a different perspective on how they let it affect them.

You’ll see the fool has his head held high and the sun n his back. You are being encouraged to adopt this outlook with the fool card.

10. Opportunity

The Fool tarot is an excellent card for gaining perspective on upcoming opportunities and how best to maximize them. Seizing opportunity is an essential part of life that can open many doors.

The fool lets you know that you need to take advantage of a situation, make something happen, or capitalize on an idea. Doing so will lead to positive outcomes and new experiences.

When this opportunity presents itself, it’s crucial to assess the risks. Then embrace it with enthusiasm and optimism for a successful outcome.

11. Potential

The Fool card represents the power of potential. Spirit wants you to know you have a high capacity for growth and development. However, to get there, you need to take the first steps.

The message is to feel the fear and do it anyway. The fool wants you to embrace both failure and success, and you’ll unlock hidden potentials within yourself.

You have to have the willingness and drive to make this work. And it’s all there within you, now is the time to tap into that power.

12. Faith

The Fool Tarot card symbolizes keeping faith in yourself. It can also represent taking a leap of faith in life.

The energy associated with the Fool Tarot card is about listening to your intuition and trusting that everything will work out for you. Have faith that the universe has your best interests at heart.

Spirit’s message is that with patience and focus on your goals, you can manifest whatever you desire.

Final Thoughts On the Upright Fool

The Upright Fool Tarot Card pull can provide insight into your life in many ways. It can be seen as a sign of taking risks and embracing the unknown, or it can be interpreted as being a reminder to stay true to oneself.

It might also suggest that it is time to act with courage, faith, and optimism.

Ultimately, when the Upright Fool comes up, it brings growth and transformation opportunities. Spirit tells you to embrace it with enthusiasm.

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