What Is My Angel Number?

Have you ever noticed the repetition of specific number sequences throughout your day? Perhaps you wake at 2.22 am each morning, or you’re grocery receipt always ends in 444. This may be an angel number. But you may be wondering what is my angel number?

Your Angel number is the repetitive number sequences you frequently see daily. These numbers are a way Angels can communicate with us to provide messages of divine guidance. The number sequence represents unique universal energy. Angel numbers provide positive and healthy directions when we need resolution to life issues.

If you’re searching for more information on Angel numbers, it’s likely because you’re experiencing them in your own life. This guide is for you to explore more about the spiritual nature of angel numbers and what it means for you. So keep reading to discover the answers.

What are angel numbers

What are angel numbers?

If you come across a regular sequence of numbers daily, this is most likely an angel number.

Angel numbers are a sequence of numbers that you can see anywhere. Think of telephone numbers, receipts, house numbers, and license plates. These are all places where angel numbers can appear.

Angel numbers can be repeating sequences such as:

Yet, you can also have angel numbers of any random number sequence, such as:

  • 505
  • 1212
  • 1155
  • 1234

Angel numbers are a section of numerology. This is the study of numbers and events that occur around them. The numbers are a physical manifestation of the connection to your spirituality.

Seeing the same repeating number sequence regularly is more than a coincidence. It means that the angels are trying to provide you with guidance in your life.

The specific set of numbers you see has universal energy related to a message of support or direction. Yet, that message will be unique to whatever situation you are dealing with in your life.

What do angel numbers mean?

Angel numbers all have unique meanings. There is an infinite combination of angel numbers that we can see. Yet each sequence has its unique energy and message for the intended.

That message will relate to areas of your life with which you need guidance. Think about your life right now. You probably would welcome a little help with something going on with your health, career, or relationships.

Angel numbers relate to guidance you need at a certain point. Two people may see the same angel number, and the message it brings will be the same. Yet, the guidance will relate to the intended as personalized for the area you desire to support.

This message may tell you to keep on the same path or give you a nudge in the right direction.

What Is my angel number?

Your angel number will present in a variety of ways. This is usually in repeating number sequences you see on everyday items.

Angel numbers can be single numbers but are usually in a sequence of two, three, or four numbers together.

So 11, 222, and 3333 are all valid angel numbers.

Once you attune yourself to the sheer volume of numbers you see daily, you’ll start to notice the repetitions. You’ll begin to see unique numbers that repeat themselves in various places.

Don’t worry if you aren’t seeing angel numbers but still want their guidance. You may be able to meditate or visualize your angel numbers. The number will come to mind intensely and persistent in your thoughts.

Angel numbers don’t have to be repeating the same numbers. So if you see the number 822 all the time, then this is your angel number.

Some people try to calculate angel numbers using their birthdays. Yet, this will calculate your life path number, which is a different message.

Remember, angel numbers give you guidance for what you need at this point in your life.

Your angel numbers will change throughout your life, depending on your desired guidance.

What are My angel numbers trying to tell me?

You’re angel numbers are trying to bring direction into your life. Sometimes you have a solution in mind and want a sign to aid your decision-making. Your angel number is the sign you need.

Your angel number is trying to help you to gain clarity on a difficult situation.

When you find the message of your angel number, explore how it makes you feel as you read it. Where does it resonate with you? Consider what you see in your mind’s eye, sensations or thoughts.

Reflect on how the message relates to what you have going on. You’ll soon find yourself coming up with solutions to your problems. You’ll know the right direction when you feel the stress and anxiety wash away, and the serenity of the divine energy intervenes.

How do angel numbers work?

Angel numbers work through universal energy from the divine. This will be unique to your beliefs, whether you believe in a higher spiritual power or simply universal energy.

The numbers are present to you, but you must attune yourself to seeking them out. Start by scanning any number that you see each day. Eventually, the repetitions will surface.

Once you identify your angel number, look up the message being brought to you. Use the message to direct you with your decision-making.

Each time you follow the guidance of your angel number, you strengthen your relationship with your spirituality. This helps you deepen your connection to angel numbers and have a higher affinity with them.

The more you utilize the power of angel numbers, the more readily they come into your life. You don’t need to search so hard for them, and you’ll intuitively see them as they appear.

Where can you find angel numbers?

Angel numbers are everywhere. Think how many numbers you see in your daily life. There is so much potential for angel numbers to appear.

Familiar places to see your angel numbers are:

  • Telephone numbers
  • Receipts
  • Bar codes
  • House numbers
  • Dates
  • Dreams

Each time you see a number, scan over it quickly to see if you recognize any number which jumps out at you. As you do this, you’ll soon see a sequence of numbers consistently appearing.

Again you can also take time to sit and visualize numbers in your mind’s eye. The sequence you attract may feel random, but the message will be unique.

How do you connect with angel numbers?

The best way to connect with your angel numbers is to practice mindfulness as you think about the number or read aloud its guidance.

As you do this, note the sensations you feel in your body.

  1. How do you feel physically, and where do you feel this?
  2. What emotions are you feeling?
  3. What sounds are you attuned to?
  4. Do you recognize a particular smell?
  5. What do you taste?

You’ll notice that you may be in the moment or transported to a memory you have. Take note if this makes you feel energized, calmed, or completely drained. This is all part of how your angel number message connects to you.

Another great way to amplify your angel number is to use healing crystals to help align with the vibrational energy. Any healing crystal connecting you to your crown chakra will help strengthen your spiritual connection to your angel number.

Our angel number guides often recommend a healing crystal to complement your unique angel number.


Why do I see angel numbers all the time?

You keep seeing angel numbers because you’ve tuned yourself to receiving divine guidance.

Perhaps you’re asked for help aloud or even manifested it through constant thought.

Your angel numbers are appearing because you’ve asked the angels for help, and they are trying to give you an answer.

If you keep seeing them, then you should act upon them. Using angel numbers is like working out a muscle. The more you use them, the more connected you become to your spiritual self.

Who invented angel numbers?

Humans have used number sequences for thousands of years. Numerology was brought into popular culture by Pythagoras. Yes, that is the same guy you learned about in 8th-grade math!

He believed in the power of numbers and how they can impact events in your life.

Angel numbers as a spiritual practice were introduced in the 90s by Doreen Virtue. Like Pythagoras, she connected numbers with messages she received while meditating.

As of 2017, Doreen virtue no longer practices numerology and renounced any connection to her works on the metaphysical.

Final Thoughts

Angel numbers are unique to you and the issues you are facing. The divine is using these numbers to communicate with you and provide guidance.

Use these numbers to strengthen your intuition and decision-making for a happier and healthier path. Angel numbers will keep you safe and give you the strength you need.

Strengthen your bond with your angel numbers for divine direction through the hard times in life.

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